Pearson, Peters generate top-notch numbers for Moose

By Marvin Birchfield

   It's no secret to why the Moose Twins had success this season, as team leaders Cory Pearson and Jeff Peters were at the top of the league in hitting.
   The Twins finished third on the season as six of their starters batted over .400 for the year, while Peters and Pearson were well over .500.
   "We didn't do as well as I had hoped we would have, but third place is still good for this league," said Jeff Peters.
   Pearson, a 15 year-old sophomore at Elizabethton High School, and Peters, a 13-year-old who is still undecided where he will spend his eighth-grade season have made a big impact on how other teams prepare to contain their talent.
   "It was kind of hard going from school ball down to here -- you have to get use to the speed," said Pearson.
   After playing for a Carter County ball club last year, Pearson elected to play in the Elizabethton league this season, and it didn't take long for the opponents to take notice.
   "He came out in the first game of the season and hit two home runs, so that got everybody talking," said Moose Twins manager C.Y. Peters. "He walked 13 times, and four of them came in one game, but he scored all four times, too."
   Peters ended the season with the highest batting average of anyone with a .697 rating, followed by Pearson, who was at .688.
   "We all did pretty well hitting. In some games we were off, but in other games it seemed like we just hit everything," said Jeff Peters.
   A remarkable 23 hits out of 33 times at bat was what Peters accomplished, and Pearson was just one hit behind at 22-of-32.
   "I feel like we did pretty well this season," said Pearson. "I just wish we could have been able to win the championship."
   Another statistic that stands out with these two all-stars is the fact that they had only three strikeouts between the two of them.
   The hitting part of the game is just one aspect of the offense they provided, but the way they made their way around the bases was a big asset to how the Twins performed.
   "I tried to be aggressive as I could in trying to take the bases in case we weren't hitting, or if it got past the catcher," said Jeff Peters.
   Peters was outstanding after getting on base with 26 steals on the season, and Pearson was just as effective by earning more runs than any other player (25).
   "When Cory and Jeff get on base they usually end up scoring," said C.Y. Peters. "Neither one of them was ever picked off, and Jeff stole home in one of the games. When you can steal home on a pitch then that means you have some good base runners."
   The Moose Twins finished the season in third place, with both players combining for a record of 14-1 at the mound.
   "Some teams I pitched against weren't as good as the ones that Cory pitched to," said Jeff Peters. "If I wasn't having a good day at the mound then we always had Cory to come in behind me."
   Peters was undefeated with an overall record of 10-0, while Pearson ended the year at 4-1.
   "A lot of guys on these other teams can hit pretty good, so the competition is pretty tough," said Pearson.
   A no-hitter with 16 strikeouts was pitched by Pearson in the Twins' 7-2 win over the Yankees this season, but his time on the mound was limited due to the Twins pitching him only when felt needed.
   "They have both had a great season," said C.Y. Peters. "Cory has faced the better teams that we have played. We only pitched him when we were facing the tougher caliber of teams."
   No matter what position these two players were asked to fill, the result of how they performed was phenomenal, as each one of them have a knack for doing what was needed.
   "There's not much you can teach a kid like Cory and Jeff," said C.Y. Peters. "Both of them know what needs to be done and how to do it."