Witten family worthy of high praise

By Wes Holtsclaw

   Many compliments have been given to the Witten family this past weekend.
   After the first annual Jason Witten Football Camp on Saturday, members of the community were quick to serve some praise to the family for a solid day of work with the area's youth.
   No matter what anybody says, Jason proved this weekend that no matter where his career takes him, he'll always give support to his community.
   It also says a lot about their character.
   The family have all supported the local athletics and the area itself, they take pride in Elizabethton and it was shown Saturday afternoon.
   Elizabethton may be proud of the family's athletic achievements, but the town is grateful for the kindness of the Witten and Rider families.
   The camp itself will only continue to gain potential with the possibility of NFL and more collegiate players in its future. It's almost certain that the size will grow next season after the inaugural campaign's success.
   Jason will continue working in Dallas before returning for his wedding in July. Cowboy training camp begins on July 25 and will last 26 days, including a scrimmage with the Houston Texans at San Antonio's Alamodome on August 2.
   Witten has received a lot of praise from Cowboy head coach Bill Parcells, but the road will be tough during this summer.
   The coach has stated that he plans on keeping three out of the five tight ends currently listed on the squad when the team makes their final cuts. Parcells has been a tight end's coach in the NFL and Witten's work ethic will fit into his plans well.