David's Trophies Tigers muster unbeaten season

from staff reports

   The David's Trophies Detroit Tigers pee-wee team played a double-header on Saturday, and walked away with wins over the Braves and Rockies, plus an undefeated regular season.
   First up for the Tigers (12-0) were the Braves, and defense helped mold a 26-4 David's Trophies win.
   Dylan Wiseman, who has been consistent all year, had a great glove. Christopher Johnson showed a great arm and gunned the ball to third twice.
   Johnson also helped out with his bat in the fourth inning, in which the Tigers scored 17 runs. Cory Walker banged two inside-the-park home runs in the inning.
   The Tigers then faced the Rockies, and continued the runs as Aaron Price hit a grand slam in the second frame of a 21-4 decision.
   Nick Campbell and Walker tagged back-to-back inside-the-park homers in the third. Bradley Townsend caught a bullet at shortstop to end the game.
   Friday's Game
   Tigers 17
   Cardinals 5
   The Tigers started the first inning off with blazing bats, bringing in seven boys with the help of Nick Campbell's inside-the-park homer.
   Cody Wilson, the Tigers third baseman, was given a workout in the third as the Cardinals hit the ball his way several times.
   Wilson made some great catches to get the Tigers out of the inning.
   Cody Guess, who played a solid catcher all season, contributed with his bat and his glove.