Knight, Moore seize all-around honors

By Marvin Birchfield


   Day 2 of the Virginia High School Rodeo took place on Sunday at Evening Breeze Arena, which featured students from the area and different parts of Virginia.
   Ricky Knight of New Camp, Va. was awarded the all-around winner for the high school boys competition after he took first place in steer wrestling and calf roping.
   "It feels pretty good I got this award," Knight said. "I didn't do too good this morning, but I did better this afternoon and made up for it."
   Knight edged out Sullivan South student Will Cassell, who posted the best time in the first event with the time of 16.55.
   "It was tough to do it. The other guy had pretty close times together," said Knight.
   Cassell managed a time of 17.26 in the second round, and Knight stepped up his time of 14.99 to win the overall event by less than a half of a second.
   "I roped the calf faster and got down the rope quicker, plus my horse worked a little better this time for it's tried out more now," said Knight.
   The all-around winner of the ladies events was Cripple Creek, Virginia's Hannah Moore, who led the way in pole bending, barrels and goat tying.
   "I always set my goals high and try really hard, so it wasn't too big of surprise," said Moore. "I tried as hard as I could, so I guess it paid off for me this weekend."
   Moore had a time of 23.232 in her first attempt, and then increased the time to nearly .6 seconds to lay claims for first in the pole bending with her horse "Flash".
   "I've ridden this horse for about three years now, and it use to be my sister's, so it's a pretty good horse," said Moore.
   In the barrel race, Moore was the only competitor to make it around in under 18 seconds on each attempt, with both times being consistent for each run.
   "He was a bit quicker, but he's usually always consistent," Moore said. "He does good in barrels and all right in poles. He seems to run better in the mud and I think that was a difference."
   After finishing runner-up to Sarah Wilcox in the first event of goat tying, Moore picked up a second and a half to grab first place with a time of 11.77 on her second attempt.
   Wilcox did manage to defeat Hannah in the breakaway roping, as she chased and roped the calf in under five seconds to beat out B.J. Boothe.
   Adam Floyd defeated Jamie Monroe in the saddle bronc by scoring a 68 on his second attempt on the evening.
   Simon Taylor was second after the day's previous event in the chute dogging, but by cutting his time by four seconds, it gave him the victory.
   Two local guys took honors in the team-roping event, as Elizabethton senior Travis Blevins and Happy Valley senior Josh Johnson were a tick faster than anyone else.
   "We won, but it wasn't too clean for we had some trouble in the mud," said Blevins. "The conditions are not real bad, but it slows you down and hurts your time some."
   B.J. Boothe and Dustin Cullip were close to the time of Blevins and Johnson in the first round, but they didn't quite get the job done in time as just over a tenth was the separation from first to second.
   "She roped him on the first loop and I missed, but I caught him on the second loop," said Cullip.
   Blevins and Johnson posted a time of nearly a second better in their second try, but it looked like their previous attempt, with Johnson making the quick lasso out of the gate and Blevins struggling to finish the rope around the hind legs.
   "With this mud it's pretty tough to rope out here, but thank God we got it done," said Johnson. "We were hoping we could do good, and were able to keep the time close from the first round."
   With no one able to make it a full eight seconds in the first try of bull riding, Jimmy Crosby of Stanton (Va.) posted a score of 76 the second time around to edge out Jeremiah, who scored a 73.
   "That bull was hard to get by, but I've been working at this for a year and it's starting to pay off now," said Crosby. "I've got the Lord in my heart and He's helped me lately, but I thought I was going to get thrown off and just kept on trying and moving."
   In the junior high events, it was Tristan Waddle of New Castle who won with a score of 66 and 72.
   Junior bulls went to Brenton Chaffin of Ryner (Va.), while Will Beahm of Dublin (Va.) was victorious in junior calf roping.
   Maggie Moore scored the victory in girls breakaway, while Tony Viers won the boys competition.
   Michael Lane was fastest in the junior poles, while Christian Potter from Happy Valley Middle School was the overall winner in junior barrels.
   Clarie Gleason took first place in Pee Wee Poles, while Courtney Shelton was the winner in Pee Wee Goats.