How pro wrestling could help the sports world

In the past eight years, professional wrestling has been the most watched programming on cable television, holding five of the top ten most watched cable shows week in and week out.
   Even though wrestling is staged, and is a heavily worked and strategic act, it was widely accepted across the world. Now professional wrestling has slid backwards, and it has lost a lot of its audience.
   Wrestling recently took a small spotlight on the national news circuit, but not based on the programming. It has been based on out-of-ring activities among the performers, including rebellion on the job and steroid usage.
   Some wrestlers have recently passed away at very young ages. These wrestlers were known for their steroid usage. It is a known fact that built up steroid usage, backed with overdoing a work load for 250 nights a year can be too much on someone.
   As mentioned in a column on ESPN.COM, many professional and
   collegiate athletes use steroids, but have luckily missed on some of the consequences that are now grabbing the fate of pro wrestlers.
   Wrestlers, in my opinion, do as much work at what they do as most pro athletes do in their sport. If you disagree with me, catch an episode of MTV's Tough Enough or make a trip to wrestling school.
   This work, backed behind the stress of traveling on a daily basis with a set in the gym each day, can have the words fatal all over it.
   The sad part about steroid usage in wrestling is that it is not
   permitted in the WWE, but if you do it on your own time and have the look, you will be rewarded and put on television.
   It appears that even though Vince McMahon was investigated over steroid usage back in the early 90's, he would crack down on these generic muscle freaks.
   Short term wise, sure you might make a quick couple million
   wrestling with a steroid packed body, but what about the long term process?
   If wrestlers that experienced their steroid usage throughout the past ten to fifteen years non-stop are now suffering a fatal consequence. Two prime examples are David Smith (AKA the British Bulldog) and Rick Rude, both who were main players in the WWF and WCW for years.
   After seeing the situation with Smith and even the late Rude, it adds to the fire that is already building in the case of steroids. What does that mean about professional athletes that have been using steroids to enhance their performance over the years?
   The steroid and performance enhancer situation has been stressed for years at the professional level, but do Major League Baseball and the National Football League really care?
   I think they do up to a certain point, but many athletes continue to get away with it. Several professional athletes have died because of steroid usage, whether it is Olympians or former pro football players such as Lyle Alzado.
   This is a situation where all athletes can look at the industry of
   sports entertainment in general, and take a look at the behind the scenes area.
   This is a good time for athletes of all areas: professional,
   collegiate, and high school, to look at this situation and know not to use steroids or any questionable materials that will make you bigger and better at what you do.
   I have more respect for athletes that can go out there with their natural God given gifts, than those who must build themselves up with illegal substances to be the best at their area.
   It should be a warning to local athletes, whether you play baseball for a minor league team and want to take that next step faster, or if you want to make that All-State football team, there are other ways of achieving those goals.