Riverdogs hammer D-Backs

By Wes Holtsclaw
STAR Correspondent

   The Riverdogs entered Friday afternoon's contest with the Gray Diamondbacks reeling off some big wins, and their train wouldn't stop, rolling over the D-Backs with a 20-3 victory at Cannon-Gouge Park.
   "Our guys stepped up and hit the ball well," said Riverdog coach Gary Smith. "Austin Taylor pitched well early, and we're just trying to hunt some games."
   The Diamondbacks gave the Riverdogs a small run early, but a strong 14-run second inning crippled any counter attack from the D-Backs, and sealed the deal for the Riverdogs.
   Allen Vitteta was the game player for the Diamondbacks, scoring all three of their runs in the contest. He opened up with a run on a Dustin West single in the first inning, to take a 1-0 lead. That was the only lead his team saw.
   The Riverdogs bounced back in the first with a J.C. Atkinson shot, which sent in Josh Guinn and Cory Hilton to take a 2-1 lead for the 'Dogs.
   Tight defense and good pitching slowed the D-Back offense, and prepped for a dominant streak from the Riverdogs, which was what they saw in the second inning.
   Drew Hyder and Mitchell Blevins got things rolling for the Riverdogs, scoring runs from a wild throw. Troop Harris followed that up with an RBI single of Austin Taylor.
   Weston Isaccs and Preston Smith scored from a huge two RBI single from Hilton, who scored with Atkinson on a Mitchell Blevins double. A Taylor single scored Blevins, while Harris singled in Taylor, and scored from a wild throw at the plate.
   Josh Guinn repeated what Cory Hilton did earlier, with a two RBI single of Isaccs and Smith. Hilton smacked in Guinn to give the Riverdogs a mighty 16-1 lead.
   The Diamondbacks struggled with making a comeback attempt, only scoring one follow-up run, both from a Dustin West single. The Riverdogs, however, kept going.
   Troop Harris started the third inning run for the 'Dogs, driving in Mitchell Blevins, and allowing Weston Isaccs to step up with a shot for his run. Preston Smith drove Isaccs home, giving the Riverdogs a 19-2 lead after three.
   The Riverdogs did what they had to do in the fourth, with Troop Harris knocking in another run, scoring Mitchell Blevins to take the 20-2 lead. The D-Backs had one more chance to tighten the contest, and came one run closer with a West single of Vitteta, ending the game at 20-3.
   The win gives the 'Dogs a boost of momentum that they needed going into a big game with the General Machine Carter County American team on Monday.
   "They are a good team," added Smith. "I'm looking forward to a good game."
   Gametime for the Monday evening contest is at 6 p.m. at Cannon-Gouge Park.