Memories of Clawson sure to live on

By Travis Brown
STAR Staff

   We here at the STAR sports department are usually spared from the anguish and tragedy that our news department is forced to cover. In the case of Rachel Clawson, however, that tragedy hit close to home.
   Rachel played basketball for the Lady Bulldogs, graduated in 2000, and went on to play for the Milligan College Lady Buffaloes. Aside from her talents on the court, Rachel was an exemplary young person and a role model to all those around her.
   Wednesday Rachel was taken away from us in a tragic accident that shows just how cruel the world can be. Times like these we are overcome with grief and hardship, but Rachel would not want things to be that way.
   Of all the individuals I have had the privilege to know in both a professional and a private setting, Rachel was one of the most kind-hearted young people that I've ever met.
   Her personality had a effervescent glow that was unmistakable, and she was the type of individual that was both easy to like, and respect.
   My personal experiences with Rachel as a friend, serve as reminders of just the caliber of young lady Rachel was.
   During my senior year, I underwent reconstructive shoulder surgery, and Rachel came by to visit me during my recovery. As a get-well gift, she and her parents tracked down one of my old football photographs. They had it blown up, framed, and they gave it to me upon returning home from the hospital.
   To this day, that picture is one of my most prized possessions.
   Wednesday night when I received the news of Rachel's passing, I was looking at that very picture, and it made me realize just how small of a world this can be. That moment is one I will not soon forget.
   Now as we come to terms with what has happened, how do we move on from something that seems so devastating? God must be assembling an all-star team, and it appears as if Rachel was his first selection. Although we are unwilling to let her go, I must say that His selection was a fine one.
   On this team the members must be strong of character, and kind of spirit. I feel comforted knowing that Rachel is playing for that team, and we can all look forward to seeing her play again.
   Until then, Rachel will live on in the memories that we have of her, and as for myself those memories are fond ones. Although we know her as a ballplayer, the memories that remain will be of her smile and her character.
   We at the STAR send our condolences, and our best wishes to her family in these times of strife.