Late flourish sends Orioles past Cards

By Wes Holtsclaw

   The Crawford Drywall Cardinals had the Superior Industries Cardinals right where they wanted them early.
   Two straight comebacks, and an eventual lead from the Cards, made the game closer than they would've liked.
   The Orioles then rallied back and scored in the bottom of the sixth behind a Tyler Stevens RBI shot of Gavin Heaton to take the 5-4 win.
   The game jumped out to a tight start, with Jordan Banner's sacrifice fly for Andy Bowers giving the Cardinals a quick 1-0 advantage.
   The Orioles bounced back with a Wes Montgomery score from Justin Vaughn, tying the game at one all.
   The Cards struck back with a Will Thompson RBI double, scoring Austin Nanney to take the 2-1 lead.
   The Orioles retaliated with an in-the-park homer from Jake Range, plating Clayton Ray in the process, to take a 3-2 advantage.
   The third and fourth innings were scoreless for both squads. However, the fifth inning exploded into a battle. The Cardinals mustered an Andy Bowers RBI single, bringing in Zach Peters, to tie the vote at 3-3.
   The Orioles bounced forward with a Clayton Ray score on a Jake Range sacfifice, taking the 4-3 lead, giving the Cardinals one final strike.
   The Cards did what they had to as a Cody Vance RBI single, scoring Jake Hubbard, tying the game at four apiece.
   The Birds took the game right back with the Stevens RBI play to take the 5-4 win in a tight contest.
   Rockies 15
   Yankees 0
   In a later contest, the Mapes Piano Rockies disposed of the Midway Furnature Yankees with a 15-0 sweeper at Elizabethton High School on Saturday.
   Ethan Pritchard opened the game with an RBI triple of Brian Hamby, and was scored from a two run shot by Matthew Potter to take a quick 3-0 lead.
   In the second inning, Samuel Parlier, Nicholas Lyons, and Steven Bentley all scored for the Rockies, leading up to a five run explosion in the third.
   Brian Hamby opened up with a home run, followed by a three run shot from Cody Jenkins, scoring Ethan Pritchard and Matthew Potter. Jordan Adams scored from a Caleb Banks triple, giving the Rockies and 11-0 lead.
   The Rockies finished the game off after a Steven Bentley home run, and scores from Jason Lyons, Mickey Hardin, and Ethan Pritchard to take the 15-0 win in four innings.
   The Yankess were led by strong efforts from Josh Hubbard, Chase Melber, and Josh Harrison.
   Girls Pee-Wee Action
   Twins 9
   Braves 8
   The Carter County Farm Bureau Twins pulled out a very tough win against the Summers-Taylor Braves in a tight 9-8 contest Saturday afternoon.
   Megan Ocano delivered the game wining shot at the top of the fifth, with the score tied, delivering a three-run home run for the Twins.
   Savannah Snyder had three hits and two runs, while Mindy Taylor added three hits and two runs for the Twins.
   Nicole Campbell scored three runs off of two hits for the Braves, and Kristen Powell added an excellent game for Summers-Taylor.