Slug-fests the order of the day in Open League

By Marvin Birchfield


   In Open League softball on Wednesday night, it was a meeting between the class of the field and the adult version of the Badnews Bears.
   Greystoke/ Rustler's Barbecue clinched the regular season championship with a victory of 23-5 over Herb & Metal.
   "We've played hard and it is good to win it for the second straight year and needs to stay home here," said "Jarfly" Dugger.
   Their only loss of the season came against Rocky Top with both of them splitting a game this season, which could set up a very interesting battle between the two come crunch time.
   "Team LHO will prevail this year like we did last year, because we are going to hit it long, hard, and often," says Jarfly.
   The defending champions say they are looking to out-stroke and hit anyone, who might think they can become between them and their success.
   In the first inning of night's event, Greystoke could only get one run across the plate with Adam Williams scoring off a Robert Holt double.
   The Herb & Metal team was fired up after this, but managed to get just one hit coming from B.J. Palmer to left center-field.
   Herb & Metal's enthusiasm didn't last long to start the second frame, as L-HO's were knocking it and scoring right and left with every chance they got.
   Adam Lloyd started off by getting a piece, as he busted one in left-field.
   "Jarfly" brought it on home by hitting a two-run homer with a dug-out full of guys just waiting for the chance to pounce.
   Three more runs scored when Justin Hyder smacked it over the fence bringing in the "Bod" Jeff Hutchins, and David Bowers.
   They continued to have their way throughout the frame, which caused Herb & Metal to unravel.
   Greystoke rung up their five home-run limit before the inning was over with the last two coming from Holt and Larry Abser.
   They had pretty much acquired the first nine runs by just putting it in the gaps.
   But to speak for the last three that came in the frame is another story.
   Like going after easy prey in a late night bar & grill, the left-fielder became a victim of many balls headed his way.
   He was getting his hand on the them, but wasn't successful in making a grab, as one after another got away from him.
   He had managed to single handily commit five errors alone and assist Greystoke with three scores.
   Robbie Reece was able to make a score for Herb & Metal by hitting an in-field home-run in center-field.
   The added four more runs in third with Chris Honeycutt driving-in three with an in-field homer.
   Greystoke continued with their dominance in the fourth, as they scored eleven more runs off of nine hits to end the affair.
   William's grabbed the win in his first pitching debut, along with throwing two strike-outs.
   Greystoke/ Rustler's prepare to defend their title and become back to back champions, as they venture toward the play-off in Open League.
   "This will become my third straight championship season for I played for the team that won it two years ago, and where I go is where the trophies go," said Jerry Rouse.
   Cundy Merchants 35
   C&L Wrecker 27
   The Cundy Merchants out-scored C & L Wrecker/ Milligan Grocery by a touchdown and extra-point in a 35-28 final.
   After trailing through four innings of play, C & L managed to grab their first lead of the night, as they came up with seven hits scoring seven runs in the fifth.
   But the Merchants responded in the sixth by earning six runs off of seven hits to reassume control and get the win.