Spring Fling should stay put

At this year's Spring Fling in Chattanooga, I twice ate at a hamburger place that featured huge burgers and outstanding onion rings. I hope the TSSAA will let me eat there again next year.
   That's because the TSSAA Spring Fling is possibly going to move, as four cities, including Chattanooga, have submitted bids to the TSSAA.
   The other cities include Jackson, Memphis and Nashville.
   The TSSAA Board of Control will review the bids on June 3, 4 and 5.
   I think the Spring Fling should remain in Chattanooga. The town has received it with open arms, and if it's not broke, don't fix it.
   I like the fact that most of the events are near one another. The main baseball stadium, along with the softball, track and soccer venues are all in downtown Chattanooga. Tennis is just a few miles up the road at Chattanooga Baylor.
   The only drawback to the facilities is that one of the baseball stadiums is in Cleveland, which is 30 miles away.
   Chattanooga is really overall a great town. There are plenty of things to do, plenty of places to eat, and there are plenty of hotels, which could be a problem in a small city like Jackson.
   Now let's look at why it would be a bad idea to leave. Chattanooga is not in the best location, but it's a lot better than Jackson or Memphis.
   For example, the eastern most participant in this year's Spring Fling was Johnson County's Matt Cornett. If Cornett had to go to Memphis, it would take him and whoever he went with probably 11 or 12 hours to get there.
   That's simply too long, and Jackson would not be much better.
   The trip to Memphis or Jackson would probably cause a dilemma for local media in this area. The expenses and travel time would just be too much for local newspapers to handle.
   I would say the same thing if they wanted to move the Spring Fling to Johnson City. It wouldn't be fair to the fans of Memphis area schools to come all the way over here, and it's not fair for people from Carter and Johnson Counties to have to go to Memphis.
   But don't be surprised if Memphis wins out. The TSSAA has already moved the Mr. and Ms. Basketball awards to the state's largest city, so they may consider this no big deal. Nashville is also in the running, and would be a much better selection than Memphis or Jackson. And it's the most centrally located of the four cities.
   I really don't think it's a good idea to put it in Nashville, simply because that part of the state already hosts the state football and basketball championships, which are played in Murfreesboro. I think it's good to share the wealth, and not have everything in one place.
   It also has to be pointed out that the traffic in Memphis and Nashville is horrible. Chattanooga is not perfect, but it's a lot better than it is in those two cities. I hope the TSSAA will remember that when it makes the selections. You don't need your state championships in a city where it's hard to get around, or in a city where there's not much to do. Chattanooga doesn't fit either of those categories.
   I have to say that the Spring Fling is my favorite of the TSSAA's state championships. I like the variety of sports, and I love the city of Chattanooga. Murfreesboro is fun too, but there's not as much to do and the hotels are dumps. Chattanooga is a very clean town, and the citizens take pride in their city. They also take pride in the Spring Fling. I think you know what steps I hope the TSSAA takes this week. I hope they keep their feet in Chattanooga.