EPD, Med-Care each win one

By Wes Holtsclaw

   It was a complete duel.
   Backed behind a 14-6 win in the first contest, Medical Care, LLC played to an impressive 8-3 lead in the follow-up against the Elizabethton Police Department softball team .
   But EPD came roaring back, tying the contest, and clinching the victory in extra innings from a huge double by Laci Woods to even out the competition with a 9-8 victory to split Saturday's action at the National Little League Park.
   Game one opened early with two run innings from both squads. EPD scored from a Brandi Dugger triple, bringing in Holly Livingston and Medora Carrier. Medical Care from a Tiffany O'Quinn play for Jennifer Black and a Jessi Back steal.
   EPD opened with a good second inning as well, scoring two runs from Amanda Peters and Jessica Barnett. Medical Care made them look rough in the next frame.
   Medical Care had five straight batters grab bases, including a Rachael Oliver RBI play, an RBI single from Mary Edgar, and an RBI single from Jennifer Black.
   Jessi Back and Brianne Gouge both followed up on sac RBI plays, giving Medical Care the 7-4 lead.
   EPD scored two more runs in the third and fourth inning, Carrier stealing her way around the bases, and Barnett from an error. Medical Care never gave up the pile on.
   Emily Good got Med kicking in the third inning with an RBI single, leading to another explosive inning in the fourth. Back led off with a double followed by a Gouge errored bag.
   O'Quinn hammered a two RBI triple, and was scored by Destiny Hodge. Billie Richardson and Ashton Irick were both scored from a two RBI double from Shanna Rains.
   O'Quinn followed up in the fifth with an RBI single of Edgar, to help Medical Care take the big 14-6 victory in the first contest.
   It was the same beginning in the second contest, with both teams scoring one and two in the first two innings. However, Medical Care had the advantage, or so they thought.
   Med opened up behind the bats and scored first with an Edgar advance on error, EPD followed up with a Brandi Dugger RBI of Lana Blevins to tie it up.
   Sanroma Van Hoy and Olivia Clark got their team back on track with their two runs, but were followed back by RBI plays from Amanda Peters of Brittani Brown, and Amber Lingerfelt of Peters, tying the contest once more for Medical Care.
   An explosion came about in the third inning, with the first five batters scoring on walks and errors for Med, giving them another vital momentum swing, but it was not to be.
   EPD rallied back strong behind Barnett, Carrier, and Dugger, with an RBI single from Laci Woods to close the gap at 8-6. The game was almost cut to an end by three minutes, but both teams agreed to keep it going.
   It would all be to EPD's advantage, as Ashley McWalters and Lana Blevins scored from a Jessica Barnett play to tie the contest at eight a piece. Medical Care seemed to lose is strive in the latter part of the contest, missing a chance to score a possible winning run in the fifth.
   EPD took advantage with a quick single from Holly Livingston, and a massive RBI double from Laci Woods to take the victory at 9-8.
   Mary Edgar took the first victory from the mound, while EPD's Britani Brown took the second game.