Shutouts rule CCL softball activity

Peters' Concrete, Miller's Plumbing rampage to wins
By Marvin Birchfield

   The rain failed in putting a stop to either Peters' Concrete or Miller's Plumbing, as both teams enjoyed a big day of hits and runs on Tuesday night in Carter County League softball at Unaka Elementary.
   It was Peters' Concrete winning the first contest in a 19-0 final over David's Trophies, as no more than two hits could break through Concrete's solid defense.
   Peters' grabbed a 1-0 lead at the end of the first inning, when a single to right field from Nikki Carrow drove in Kayla Blevins.
   "They were hitting when we told them not to take the strike calls, and the pitching was on," said Peters' Concrete coach Deanna Jones. "I was glad to see our fielder's backing each other up on the hits they did get."
   David's had a strong show of defense in the top of the first, and with its first two attempts at bat it appeared that there might be a chance of an upset.
   A hit to left field from Amber Cannon and a single by Ashley Colbaugh put the first two batters on base.
   The good start turned ugly after that, as Blevins started taking control from the mound by not giving up another hit and retiring five out of the next six batters with strikeouts.
   In the second frame, David's Trophies fell apart at the mound, committing 12 walks and giving up 18 runs.
   "I brought in everybody that I could have tried at pitching, and that's where we're hurting at right now," said David's Trophies coach Gary Colbaugh. "We can field the ball and hit the ball, but it doesn't do you any good when you walk in 10 runs."
   The first run crossed when pinch runner K.C. Pardoneing scored on a walk with bases loaded.
   A base hit to the shortstop from Jeri Jones drove in Justine Jones, and a shot by Brooke Johnson scored Cessalie Seaverson.
   Daranda Byrd, Jessica Ledford and Marche Hughes all added base hits to drive in runs for Peters', helping end the contest after two frames.
   "We have a lot of returnees, so that helps -- they're used to playing with each other," said Jones. "The team we played tonight had a lot of new players, but with our cohesiveness we're really looking forward to this season."
   After Miller's Plumbing was backed up with a great defense, it plunged its way to a 21-0 victory over B&R Construction in the second contest of the night.
   Mikki Oliver became a factor right off the bat with a home run to left-center field, as she was the first hitter to take the plate for Miller's.
   A hit to shortstop from Kayla Winters brought home Hannah Colbaugh, and a double from Lacey Oliver scored Winters.
   "We've got a lot of experienced girls back, and then we're pretty strong at the mound, and we've got an awful lot of good hitters," said Miller's Plumbing coach Dale Colbaugh. "We've got some girls that have played together quite a while, and they all did good -- even the young girls."
   The last run of the first frame crossed when Tessa Lunceford knocked a single to bring in Oliver.
   B&R had trouble making contact with the bat, as its one hit of the evening came when Brittany Street smacked a single to right field during the first inning.
   "My players gave 100 percent tonight and I'm very proud of them," said B&R Construction coach John Baumgardner. "You couldn't beat the fielding, it was great. When we get our bats up, then we'll be a hard team to beat up here."
   Four walks to begin the top of the second drove in Sara Goodwin for a score, and the some hard hitting from Miller's finished off the frame.
   An infield single by Emily Asher brought home Kayla Long, and hits from Colbaugh, Winters, Oliver and Lunceford all drove in runs for Miller's for an 11-0 lead.
   Miller's connected on nine more hits in the third and final inning, which produced 10 runs.
   "A lot of high school players are not back yet, and pitching is the key in any summer league or high school," said Colbaugh. "This team plays together, and it's a unique thing when they've played three or four years, because they know what to expect from each other, and that's what makes a good team."