Elizabethton tennis team bops Central

from staff reports

   The 'Betsy tennis team ended its regular season Monday against Sullivan Central, with the boys earning a 8-1 win and the girls finishing 6-3.
   No. 1 seed Curtis Brumit defeated Jonathan Wallace, 8-1, while Seth Wallingford defeated Brett Hyder, 8-5, for the second seed. Jordan Peters defeated Westley Keton in an 8-5 victory.
   Jamis Gouge lost the No. 4 seed match in a tie-breaker to Josh Stevens, 8-9 (7). Tim Franklin won over Tanner Looney, 8-1, while Sean Snyder defeated Adam Trinkle, 8-3.
   In the boys' doubles, the Cyclones took all three matches. Brumit and Wallingford defeated Wallace and Hyder, 8-6. Gouge and Franklin won their match against Keton and Stevens 8-4 for the second seed, and Peters and Snyder defeated James and Looney, 8-3.
   The shock of the night was Amanda Pike, who lost her first match of the season, against Stacey Wingate, 8-5. Allison Parlier defeated Amanda Queen, 8-3, for the second seed match. Ashley Street was defeated by Julie Leseur, 8-4.
   For the No. 4 seed, Erin Rogers defeated Kylee Looney, 8-4. Kristina Elliott won over Samantha Huber, 8-2. Lourean Hughes also won her match against Whitney Dougherty, 6-2.
   In the girls' doubles, Pike and Rikki Baughman defeated Wingate and Queen 8-2 for the No. 1 seed match. Street and Elliott lost their match against Leseur and Looney 8-7. Rogers and Parlier won their match against Huber and Dougherty.