Getting a head start

Hampton Youth Club sets early registration for football, cheerleading

By Tim Chambers

   With basketball over and baseball season here, football is seldom mentioned in the early part of May but for the Hampton Youth Club football signups are just around the corner.
   "It's so important to get the kids to sign up early to know how much equipment will be needed for the upcoming season," said Hampton youth club football commissioner Travis Scalf. "Everything has gotten so expensive that we try and get an idea of how much equipment will be needed and the number of kids that plan on participating in football and cheerleading during the fall.
   Signups will be conducted on May 4 at Hampton Elementary School from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. Kids are invited to participate in the following age divisions, 5-6 (flag), 7-8 (grasscutters), 9-10 (pee-wee) and 11-12 (pee-wee).
   The registration fee is $20, which is five bucks below the normal cost. Each parent will be responsible for taking their kids to get their ID cards.
   The twenty dollars covers the cost of a physical that each participant is required to have. Another signup is slated for July.
   Youth club football is the main feeder source for jr. high and high school football programs. Here players are taught the basic fundamentals of blocking, catching and the correct way to tackle along with many other things.
   Most of all they are taught to have fun and enjoy the game of football. If you would like more information on Hampton Youth Club football, feel free to contact Scalf at 791-3695.