Anderson proving dominant in NHRA Pro Stock series

By Marvin Birchfield

   When it comes to the Pro Stock series in NHRA racing, there's one name that over shadows the rest.
   Greg Anderson has not only had recent success, but he's dominated the series by winning four out of the first five events so far.
   The only defeat on the season for the Vegas General Construction Grand Am Pontiac came at Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix, Ariz., where he was upset in the semifinal round by Kurt Johnson.
   His near-perfect record is almost unheard of with today's competitive nature in motorsports.
   "We're kind of forcing the other guys to make mistakes, and they're all making mistakes right now," said Anderson. "They're all over the map, for they're making one good run and then a bad one run, and I guess we'd be doing the same if we were in they're shoes. Panic starts to set in then."
   A string of eleven straight top qualifying times have been posted by Anderson, which dates back to the 2003 season at Route 66 Speedway in Joliet, IL.
   This weekend at Bristol was no different, as Anderson has once again become the car to chase by setting both the quickest time and fastest speed in Friday's first qualifying session.
   A time of 6.790 was ran to break the old mark of 6.853 set by Troy Coughlin in April of 2002.
   Anderson also posted the fastest speed ever by running 202.52 mph, beating the old mark of 201.58 mph which was held by Ron Krisher.
   The run was .050 of a second faster than the next qualifier with teammate Jason Line, who turned in a time of 6.840.
   The domination by Anderson this season has sparked on some criticism by other competitors who have not been able to keep up the pace set by the 2003 Pro Stock champion.
   "I'm very proud of the team, for we came up here and tested last week for a couple of days, and there were just about four or five cars up here then," said Anderson. "I was thinking to myself then, if they're getting beat then this is why they're getting beat." "If I was getting dusted all the time, then I'd be going to test when I could, especially at the track we're going to next week.
   "If they have a bad weekend, then they have nobody to blame but themselves, for they should have been here testing."
   The run early Friday stood all the way through Saturday, with Anderson heading into today's elimination at the top spot, where he'll face 16th qualifier Kenny Koretsky of Richboro, PA.
   "You can't go out there and think just because you've got a better car than the next guy, that you're just going to go out there and win," said Anderson. "You've got to do a better job than the other driver, or you're going to lose in this series. You've got to go out there and be on kill every run, and that's what I'll have to do, and if I don't then somebody is going to go out there and beat me."
   Anderson will be looking for his 21st career victory in his 110th race, and the way it appears he'll not have much trouble unless problems arise in the later rounds.
   "The track is a little bit different, and it's throwing curves at people," said Anderson. "So far the guys who didn't come here and test don't have a handle on it. Guys who were here last week, like Allen Johnson and myself, are running good.
   "It definitely helped us and it's what you're going to have to do, and I don't understand it. Maybe some guys just don't want it as bad as we do."
   The top spot in qualifying made it his 23rd of all-time, and with a record of 18-1 in round competition it's going to be very difficult to oust this new born king away from the throne he's now become accustomed to.
   "I definitely have a target on my back, so everybody is going to be taking their best shot, so I can't back off any," said Anderson. "We're going to have to execute perfectly and that's what we plan on doing."
   Returning to the same track this weekend, where he recorded his first NHRA win ever in 2001, Anderson is looking to do the same thing that he has all year long, which nothing less than just win.
   "We'll put everything we've got into it, because we enjoy and like winning, and we're not going to back off," he said. "We want more wins, more championships, and more records than anybody else."