TAD athletes honored at sports picnic

from staff reports

   Recognizing its top athletic achievers, T.A. Dugger Junior High recently held its annual all-sports picnic and awards day at Riverside Park.
   The Mr. Cyclone Award was given to Nick McNeal, while Marti Bush and Brittany Smith shared the honors for Ms. Cyclone.
   Coach John Oakley presented the awards for football. On the eighth-grade team, Josh Guinn grabbed the Outstanding Achievement Award, with the 100 Percent Award going to Weston Isaacs, and the Most Improved Award going to Chris Hubbard.
   Winning the Outstanding Achievement Award on the seventh-grade football squad was Wes Anderson. Jake Peters and Wendell Loving seized the 100 Percent Award and Most Improved Award, respectively.
   Handing out the awards for girls basketball was coach Angie Barker, who presented Bush, Victoria Hopson and Michaela Pietrowski with the 100 Percent Award, and Courtney Towle with the Best Defense Award, on the eighth-grade squad.
   Seventh-grade basketball honorees were Kyla Jones, Most Valuable Player; Janey Robinson, 100 Percent Award; Jasmine Treadway, 100 Percent Award; and Hannah Fritz, Best Offense Award.
   The boys basketball awards, given out by coach James Jacobs, brought honors to Austin Taylor (MVP), Josh Guinn (100 Percent), Preston Smith (Mr. Offense) and Brian Jenkins (Most Improved) on the eighth-grade team, and Loving (MVP), Jake Peters (Mr. Offense) and Brent Thomas (Mr. Defense) on the seventh-grade club.
   Coach Jonnell Johnson presented the swimming awards, which recognized Ruth Ann Johnson (eighth-grade girls), Jacob May (eighth-grade boys) and Amanda Walker (seventh-grade girls) as the Most Valuable performers.
   Making the presentations for girls track and field was Coach Mona Carter, who awarded Bush as the MVP for field events, Ashlynn Hunt as the MVP for track events, Casey Crockett for the 100 Percent Award, and Sophia Murillo for the Most Improved Award.
   Coach Joe Carr had the honors of handing out the boys track awards. Chase Turley grabbed the MVP Award in field events, with Brent Shaver winning the MVP Award in track events. The 100 Percent Award went to Chris Wilson and Peters.
   Coach Harry Farthing was in charge of the softball awards, and Mary Edgar led the way by taking MVP honors. Pietrowski garnered the Ms. Offense Award, Tia Nave the Ms. Defense Award, and Smith the 100 Percent Award.
   The baseball awards, which were given out by Coach Jason Carter, has Weston Isaacs claiming the 100 Percent Award and Cory Hilton earning the Fielding Award. McNeal topped things off by winning the All-Around Award.