Miller's, Trophies play 5-5 deadlock

By Marvin Birchfield

   It was a battle between two teams who were not about to absorb a loss, so the meeting with David's Trophies against Miller's Plumbing resulted in a 5-5 tie.
   "It was just one of those game you wanted to win but it just wasn't there," said David's Trophies coach Mike McCloud.
   Miller's Plumbing scored the first two runs of the game off of wild pitches, with Mikki Oliver and Susie Loveday crossing the plate.
   David's Trophies bounced back in the bottom of the first to tie the contest, when Kasey Perry hit a fielder's choice to drive in Jacquelin Reece, and a hit by Sallee Taylor scored Ashley Colbaugh.
   Two runs were added in the top of the third as Holly Grindstaff smacked a single to shallow center field, bringing home Oliver and Hannah Colbaugh.
   A nice throw from Grindstaff in center field resulted in an out at third base, but David's Trophies was able to add two runs with the first -- one coming off a single from Brandy Sturgill, driving in Rikki Oliver.
   "We played a good game and both teams deserved to win, and I'm sure Dale (Colbaugh) is happy also with the effort his team gave," said McCloud.
   An infield single by Kayla Winters tied the contest in the bottom of the third, as Sturgill was able to make her way across the plate.
   Miller's added its last run of the night when a ground-out from Robin Whittington allowed Tessa Lunceford to score.
   A controversial call in the bottom of the fourth tied the game, when a shot down the first-base line from Shanna Shalmeradi to the first baseman was not ruled an out.
   It was question whether or not the bag was touched after fielding the ball, and no call was made immediately.
   With some confusion for a minute, the pitcher elected to throw it back to first, which resulted in an out, but this allowed the runner on third to head home.
   "It was a controversial call, and one umpire calls her out and the other one overruled him, but basically it just came down to a good pitcher's duel," said Miller's Plumbing coach Dale Colbaugh.
   The catcher dropped the ball on the tag at the plate, as Brittany Taylor was credited for the tying score.
   David's Trophies was able to hold off the charge from Miller's, which had two runners on base, but was unable to knock them home.
   Miller's stopped David's Trophies in the last inning, with Laci Oliver connecting on two strike-outs to end the game.
   "It was good pitching from both pitchers, but our hitting was the worse I have seen it in a while. We're not hitting the ball," said Dale Colbaugh.
   Peters Concrete 21
   B & R Construction 2
   Peters Concrete had little trouble of pouring out a solid win, as it cemented B & R Construction in a 19-2 final.
   "They were hitting the ball better tonight than they had all season long, and I'm really proud of how they performed," said Peters Concrete manager Deanna Jones.
   A 10-run explosion from Peters in the first inning paved the way to its success, as Brooke Johnson score the first run off of two throwing errors.
   A double by Nicole Cantrell followed, driving in Justine Jones and Kayla Blevins, as Peters continued to chip away with the bat to build its big advantage.
   "This was the most hits they have got in one game. They were swinging at it instead of letting it go by," said Deanna Jones.
   Nine more runs were added for Peters in the top of the second, with a bunt from Cantrell bringing home Blevins.
   Seven straight walks from B & R brought four runs to the plate, as it was suffering from missing its leading pitcher and catcher on the evening.
   "We were really in need of some pitching. The girl we usually have at the mound wasn't here tonight," said B & R Construction manager John Baumgardner.
   Two runs were scored by B & R in the bottom of the third when five straight walks from Peters brought home Chelsea Peters and Heather Brown.
   "When we're able to get everybody together here at one time, then we'll give a better effort, but we're still learning, even though some of these girls have already played together," said Baumgardner.
   Minor League Softball
   It was Iron Mtn. Survey coming from behind in the last inning to score a 12-11 victory over Insurance Restoration Systems.
   The IRS grabbed a 6-3 advantage in the second frame, with Whitney Jarrett smacking an in-the-park homer to highlight the inning.
   Iron Mtn. trailed 11-10 in the last frame with two outs, but a single down the right-field line by Emily McCoury drove home Chesnie Cox and Whitney Vines for the win.