EHS coasts by Raiders

By Rebecca Pierson
STAR Staff

   The Elizabethton tennis team was fighting its own cyclone yesterday. With extremely strong winds, the team managed to overcome the conditions for another shut-out victory, this time over Sullivan North.
   "They all played good under real tough conditions," Elizabethton head coach Danny O'Quinn said. "The wind was real bad, but they battled through. I am really happy with their performance."
   Curtis Brumit defeated Ben Marshall, 6-2, 6-3, for the top-seeded boys' singles. Seth Wallingford went victorious with a 6-2, 6-1 score over the Raiders' No. 2 seed, Kevin Willis. Jordan Peters and Jamis Gouge won by default as Sullivan North's No. 3 and No. 4 seeds were absent. Jim Franklin won over Hunter Williams, 8-0, and Jared Tetrick also defeated Corey Roberts, 8-0.
   In the boys' doubles, Brumit and Wallingford defeated Marshall and Willis, 8-2. Franklin and Tetrick won by default for the No. 2 seed. Peters and Gouge played for the third seed against Williams and Roberts for an 8-1 victory.
   In the girls' singles, Amanda Pike defeated Jessica Ketron, 6-2, 6-0. Ashley Street defeated Lindsey Vaughn 6-1, 6-0. Erin Rogers and Kristina Elliott both won 8-0 against Kim Mitchell and Kelly Vanover, respectively. Lourean Hughes defeated Michaela Sumpter, 8-2, for the No. 5 seed. Rikki Baughman defeated Summer McNutt 8-1 for the sixth seed.
   Pike and Baughman took Ketron and Vanover for the No. 1 doubles match, 8-0. Street and Elliott defeated Vaughn and Mitchell, 8-3. Hughes and Rogers had an 8-0 victory against Sumpter and McNutt for the third seed.
   The Sullivan North team has yet to win a match this season. The team forfeited three matches with team members involved in other games. Raiders head coach Vicki McGlothlin said that their biggest battle to having to share their players with other school teams.
   "I wish I could say that it will get better, but when you share athletes like we do, it is hard to do," she said. "Our kids do other things besides tennis. You can tell the difference."
   Despite not having a team that is total focused on the sport of tennis, McGlothlin is proud of the players' individual efforts.
   "I really admire them," she said. "What few we do have has really big hearts, and they have fun. Elizabethton is very good. It is good practice to play somebody better to get better. It is good experience."
   Elizabethton will face its District 1-AA foe, the Blue Devils, today at home, and will meet them again on Thursday in Unicoi County after a rainout earlier in the season. The outcome will likely determine who will step into the district tournament first on next Thursday.
   "We will find out what we are made of tomorrow," O'Quinn said. "I hope we are ready. We will see tomorrow."