Carver Rec hosting Scholarship Brawl

By Marvin Birchfield

   The first-ever Golden Gloves 2004 Scholarship Brawl will take place on Saturday at the Carver Recreation Center in Johnson City.
   The Johnson City Housing and Athletic Club has done a great job in the past several years of promoting the sport of boxing and bringing interest back to the Tri-Cities.
   This year's event will give away two college scholarships for the first time ever, as it's not only to boost the self-esteem of the competitors, but also a step in the direction of their adulthood future.
   "The scholarship goes toward kids who are in boxing and are interested in going to college," said Johnson City Boxing coach Scott Vance. "We'll have two who are going to get it."
   A schedule of 20 fights, which is subject to change will be held, and the doors open at 5 p.m., with the first match taking place at 5:30 p.m.
   A $5 admission fee will be charged at the gate, and the fighting will feature some great key match-ups throughout the night.
   There will be 10 different teams entered, which ranges from Charlotte, N.C., to Birmingham, Ala., along with several others out of the state of Tennessee.
   The Johnson City Boxing Club will debut some of the premier and up-and-coming fighters, including one Virdez Evans, who is presently ranked fifth in the nation in the 152-pound weight division.
   Another upcoming fighter is James Colston, who'll be taking on William Norman out of Charlotte, N.C.
   Randell Winteroff, who was the winner of the Junior Olympic Golden Gloves in 2002, will be matched up against last year's winner, Dominigue Williams from Charlotte, in the 132-pound weight class.
   "Randell has really been stepping up since he won the nationals a couple of years ago, and the guy he's fighting won it last year, so it should be a real exciting fight," said Vance.
   Some of the other fights to look out for from Johnson City are Dillion Dawson and up-and-coming fighters Chris Miller, Michael George and Brandon Kid.
   "Most of are fighters will be taking on kids from Charlotte, N.C., because they've got the Boxing Academy there, and it's a really good gym with real good boxers coming out of the organization," said Vance. "If you fight those guys from Charlotte, then you'll have to be fighting and ready."
   The show will also host a father-son combination in Brian Pridemore and Cody Utterback.
   "Brian Pridemore is the father of Cody Utterback, so Brian will be making his amateur debut against a guy named Rob Brown from Campbell County.," said Vance. "He's been progressing and doing really good so far."
   Julies Alberto is another fighter that Johnson City has high hopes from, as he's a strong puncher with good right hand and nice hook.
   "A lot of these kids will be trying to make the up coming 2008 Olympic team, and they have a good shot," said Vance.
   A special thanks goes out to Jeff Keeling for his participation with the Housing Authority and helping with putting on shows.
   Cobb Riddle and Derrick Fudge are a couple of others who are recognized for their efforts, along with Edward Zimbiki in his support.