Twins get no-hitter

from staff reports

   On Thursday night at T.J. Burleson Field, starter Benjamin McKinney and Lance Reed teamed up on a no-hitter for the Elizabethton Twins, who blanked Carter County Motors 7-0 in action from the National League.
   Reed (2-for-2, 1 double) and McKinney (2-for-3, 1 double) helped themselves out quite nicely at the plate, while Zack Montgomery (1-for-2) and Phillip White (1-for-2) did their part to help.
   Grindstaff Motors 14
   Cash Express 3
   Cash Express outhit the Motors 5-4 but came up shy in the run department.
   Jerry Berkley led the way for Grindstaff, batting 2-for-3 to back winning pitcher Brent Powell, who added a 1-for-2 showing. Drew Clark went 1-for-3.
   Tops for Cash Express was C.J. Campbell, 2-for-2; Mathew Pless, 2-for-2; and Jared Cline, 1-for-2. One of Campbell's hit was an inside-the-park home run.
   Cline-Holder 13
   Elizabethton Federal 10
   Cline-Holder's bats got in the last word in a back-and-forth battle at Jim Ensor Field.
   The score was tied at 9 before Cline-Holder tallied four late runs, making a winner out of Kendall Wash.
   Cody Marley backed up Wash with a homer and two runs, while Roger Brown banged out a triple. Logan Andrews and Wash (2 runs) added a hit apiece, while Cody Julian totaled three walks and a trio of runs.
   Matthias Maines racked up three runs to go with a base hit in leading E-Federal. Nathon Shoun ripped a double, with Dustin Milhorn and Holden Vines each chipping in a single.
   Expert Express 15
   Summers-Taylor 7
   Expert Express had its eye on the ball Thursday night, pounding out 16 hits in just three turns at the plate.
   Nick Papantoniou showed the way for the Express, going 3-for-3 with two runs and a homer. Shane Heaton (3 runs) and Aaron Bradford (2 runs) knocked out two doubles apiece, while Hunter Taylor and Franky Birchfield each collected two hits.
   Derrick Holden led Summers-Taylor with a pair of hits. Lucas Teague, Daniel Jenkins and James Mathison all contributed a hit and two runs -- Mathison's hit was good for a triple.