Looking back on Boys & Girls Club finals

By Marvin Birchfield

   With basketball season coming to a close, here are the results of how things unfolded in the Elizabethton Boys & Girls Club post-season tournament.
   In the boys 5-7 year-old bracket, it was the Buffaloes over the Hurricanes in a 29-7 final.
   The Buffaloes led by a slim margin of 3-1 at the end of the first quarter, but by halftime they had stretched their advantage to 12 points.
   The lead continued to grow in the second-half, as the Buffaloes were named champions in their uncontested final game.
   In the girls 5-7 year-old bracket, the Blue Devils defeated the Lady Lakers by a final of 23-17.
   The Blue Devils grabbed the early lead of 16-5 through the first two periods. The Lady Lakers came back in the third quarter to cut the deficit to four, after holding the Blue Devils scoreless, which set up a shoot-out in the final period.
   The Blue Devils held off the rally in the final period and go on to be this year's tournament champion.
   The Cyclones won after trailing early in the 8-10 year-old boys with a close final of 23-21.
   The Wizards opened with a 12-6 lead after the first period of action, but it was the Cyclones down the stretch who came away with a thrilling two-point victory.
   In the 8-11 year-old girls, it was the Comets who pulled out the victory over the Knicks in a 17-13 final.
   Both teams were tied at the end of the first period, but the Comets managed to go up by a bucket at half-time with the lead of 12-10.
   Defense was the name of the game in the third period, with the only point of the quarter coming off a Comet foul shot.
   The Comets went onto hold off the challenge in the final period and claim the title.
   It was Johnson County receiving the final victory in boys 11-13 year-old division, as it trailed every period but the one that counted.
   The Kings jumped out to a narrow 10-8 at the end of the first period, and held a two-point advantage heading into the last quarter of play.
   The Longhorns were able to outscore the Kings 18-14 in the final period to walk away with a very close victory of 39-37.
   After losing the first meeting 39-29, the Tarheels were able to respond with a 47-35 win in the final game of the boys 14-15 year-old bracket.
   The Tarheels streaked out to a 21-6 lead at the end of the first period, but the Kings were able to close the margin by halftime after not allowing any points in the second period.
   A small cluster of three-point goals came from the Tarheels in the third period, as three shots from behind the line scored to keep the Kings' comeback from happening, as they were able to do in their first meeting.
   Finally, in the 16-19 year-old boys, it was Boys To Men which took first-place honors after knocking down nine three-point goals in the contest to score a 71-54 final.
   Boys To Men led 34-22 by the end of the first half, and continued to control the game for the remainder of the contest.
   That's a complete wrap-up of the Elizabethton Boys Club season-ending tournament of 2004.