Lady Buffaloes jump to the top

By Wes Holtsclaw

   After being down to several teams at the beginning of the year, the Little Milligan Lady Buffaloes lit a fuse.
   They began improving and their hard work and dedication led them to the Small School Girls 8th-Grade District Championship.
   "We were pretty young," said Lady Buffalo Coach David Cable. "But we developed throughout the season, and got better as the year went on.
   "We played a couple of teams at the beginning of the year, and played them a closer game when we met them again after being blown out the first time."
   It was a gel of teamwork that held this small team together throughout the season, leading to a strong run at the end of the year.
   "We showed some improvement," Cable said. My eighth-graders stepped up big time. They came and practiced sick, they played sick. One of them came and played in the district tournament, and she was in the hospital sick for a week after that."
   "I'm really proud of them, they did a great job, and we progressed well throughout the year, Hopefully we can do it again next year."
   It has been a while since Little Milligan won a girls district, and was a thrill for the team.
   "It's been about three or four years since they have won the district," said Cable. "We've had some pretty good teams in the past up here."
   Little Milligan had some good players on their team this year, seventh-grader Andrea Tinsman is a fine example.
   "The season went well," said Tinsman. "We all blocked out, and Jessica (Price), Pam (Montgomery) and everybody shot the ball well. We had a pretty good season."
   Coach David Cable did an outstanding job in his run as head coach, earning respect from all around this area, and with his team.
   "We have a real good coach (Cable), and we practiced hard every day. We tried our best, and he got our hopes up. I guess he intimidated us a little bit."
   Little Milligan had two showstoppers on the court this year, with Jessica Price and Pam Montgomery. Price was awarded the conference MVP, while Montgomery took the district award.
   "I think we did really good to come from where we did," said Price. "But we just worked it all together very well. It was like we knew what the other person would be doing. Winning the championship was cool."
   Despite the fact that Little Milligan is a small school, they proved that they could hang with the big dogs.
   "We just wanted to show everybody that Little Milligan can do what they didn't think we could do," said Montgomery. "And just to get our school more respect than it has.
   "Everybody on the team is friends, we all get along, and we just tried to work together."
   The girls from Little Milligan definitely earned the respect of teams from around the county, and deserve their fine season.