Warrior freshmen best Hampton

By Rebecca Pierson

   The freshmen Warriors were on the warpath Monday night as they beat the Hampton Bulldogs 54-39 at Happy Valley.
   Hampton was down 23-16 at the half, when the Bulldogs stepped out looking to take back the game.
   Happy Valley's Tony Carr stepped up to put two more on the board, then Hampton's Josh Taylor answered back with another two.
   Bulldog Jonathan Lyons threw a pass to Austin Harper for a shot to make the score 27-20, then a foul by Brandon Whitehead on Josh Cole gave the Bulldogs the opportunity for a five-point gap.
   Tim McCloud then sent J. Cole back to the charity stripe again for two, but that three-point deficit was as close as they could get.
   Happy Valley's Francisco Borquez began putting the pressure on both offense and defense to add four more on the board and a hand full of steals to bring the third to a close at 35-24.
   "In the third quarter, Borquez just took over," said Hampton head coach Wayne Ellis. "We just couldn't stop him from penetrating. He made three or four big baskets there and that just pulled them away.
   "That was the ball game. He really impressed me with his penetration. I had nobody that could guard him."
   The Warriors' leading scorer was Tony Carr, who had four field goals and was eight for 10 at the charity stripe. Larry Creed would add 11 points on the board and Borquez was good for nine.
   "On offense, I thought we executed a lot better," said Chuck Babb, head coach for Happy Valley. "We shot better. We missed a lot of easy shots, but we made a lot of easy shots, which means we were running our offense pretty doggone good. That I was happy with."
   "I was disappointed in our defense," he said. "We had to go to zone because it wasn't working man-to-man and that is disappointing. We just got to make the shots when we get them.
   "Offensively, I thought we played pretty well, about as good as we have looked all year. Defensively I was a little disappointed."
   The Bulldogs' Bobby Irick led his team, going for nine with three shots outside the parameter. J. Cole, Michael Guy and Austin Harper all tied the team for second with eight points a piece.
   Ellis said: "Turnovers killed us. Too many turnovers. Boxing out. Too many second shots. The hustle is there. I am proud of our hustle. Both teams hustled well. I can't ask for any better effort, but we have to work on boxing out and handling the ball.
   "We are young and inexperienced," he said. "The fundamentals are what the freshmen need to improve on. They work hard, and I couldn't ask for a better effort. That's all I can ask. They gave 100 percent. They will work on the fundamentals, and try to improve."