Burkett shows the way in bench-press competition

By Marvin Birchfield
STAR Correspondent

   The Franklin Health and Fitness Center held a first-time bench press competition on Saturday. It turned out to be a powerhouse event.
   The overall winner of the event was awarded to Kenny Burkett, as he lifted the impressive weight of 550 pounds.
   After benching the 500-pound mark, nobody was able to come close to matching the strength that Burkett possessed.
   There was several different weight classes in which these men and women competed, with the men's teen division going to Michael Dunn with a lift of 360 pounds.
   Joe Orelanna took first place in the 132 weight class, and Mark White posted the top spot in the 148 weight group.
   Jeremy Hunt bench the mark of 355 pounds to defeat Eran Roark in the 165 weight class, while Billy Trivett pushed up 430 pounds to claim the 181 division by lifting over 150 lbs. more than anyone else.
   Dennis Lowe captured first in the 198 weight class with a lift of 480 pounds, followed by Jason Lawson and Tim Broyles.
   The 220 division went to none one other than Burkett, who was followed by Bert Bloomer with a lift of 450 pounds.
   In the 242 class Brandon Matney received first-place honors, while Brian Stubbs was the winner of the 275 group.
   The top spot in the super heavyweight went to Dan Greer, as he edged out Josh Short with a lift of 435 pounds. Joe Karsnak outlifted Scott Sexton to claim first in the masters division.
   In the women's competition, it was Amy Galliher turning in the best lift of the day with the weight of 155 pounds, followed by Kelli Taylor, who was runner-up in the 131-160 weight class.
   Jacqui Kibble won the 130 and below class with a lift of 120 pounds.
   Team Gladiator was declared the overall winner in team points of the event.