Lindauer brothers carry on family tradition

By Ivan Sanders

   It's not unprecedented to see a member of a close-knit family embark upon an event without realizing at the time that event will trigger a tradition for other siblings to follow.
   When Ruth Lindauer decided to take up competitive swimming, little did she realize that over a course of time that her brothers and sisters would make the Lindauer name a stable in swimming at Elizabethton High School.
   Brian Lindauer set the 100 butterfly record in 1995, and sister Diane was a member of the Cyclone girls record-holding relay teams in the 200 medley and 400 freestyle before graduating in 2000.
   It would not go without saying that Coach Jonell Johnson is ecstatic to have two more Lindauers continue the tradition this year by breaking several standing records.
   Jeremy and Evan Lindauer have been swimming since Jeremy was in the seventh grade and Evan was in the fifth at Happy Valley Middle School.
   "We would come down while Diane practiced and Coach Kathe Rainwater told us we could either swim in Lane 5 or leave," stated Jeremy. "We would stay, and actually swim faster than some of the other high school swimmers."
   "As a family we try to beat each other out," said Evan. "It is always competitive between us."
   Jeremy is a senior at EHS, where he enjoys studying World History. He individually holds three records: 200 individual medley relay, 500 freestyle relay, and 100 backstroke.
   Jeremy and Evan have combined with other team members for three more records: 200 medley relay with Ross Chun and Charlie Crowe, 200 freestyle relay with Crowe and Blake Dugger, and 400 freestyle relay with Crowe and Craig Shaw.
   "We are a close group because we are such a small team," stated Evan. "It helps us because we can give each other advice and also constructive criticism."
   Evan is a sophomore at EHS and enjoys all kinds of mathematics. He also is a member of the Black and Orange football team. He uses swimming as a means of staying in shape during the football off-season.
   Said Evan: "A lot of people think that swimming is an easy sport, but I would say swimming is harder than football. It's really a tough sport that takes a lot of endurance and strength. Your muscles get sore while swimming and really sore afterwards."
   The EHS swimming team will be participating in the regional meet this weekend at Tennessee High.
   Dobyns-Bennett and Science Hill are two strong teams in the meet as well as Sullivan South and Greeneville, but Jeremy thinks the Cyclones can fare well against these perennial powers.
   "I think our main goal is to finish point wise in third," commented Jeremy. "If it wasn't for the diving points being figured in, I think we could possibly finish second."
   As far as state competition goes, Jeremy already has a state qualifying time in the 100 backstroke and is only a few tenths of a second off of being qualified for the 200 individual medley.
   "I would really like to finish in the top 16 at the state level," added Jeremy.
   Many people relish in their major feats, but both of these young men show no selfishness in what they have accomplished.
   "When I graduate, I hope that this team gets better and knocks off the records I have recorded," quipped Jeremy. "These sophomores are really talented and hopefully they will erase my marks."
   Jeremy also has dreams of being able to compete somewhere in the collegiate level after graduation. Several emails have been sent to selected colleges inquiring about the possibilities of realizing his dream.
   Meanwhile, Evan looks at football as being his favorite sport and hopes that one day he can get a scholarship to the University of Purdue, where his father attended.
   Coach Johnson had nothing but high praise for the Lindauer brothers.
   "They are really hard workers and leaders of this team," stated Johnson. "Jeremy, I would have to say, is probably not only our swim leader, but our spiritual leader as well."
   Faith is something that has played an important part in both young men as they both acknowledged that God has to be their number one role model.
   "You spend a lot of time praying when you swim," said Evan. "I pray the whole time that I am competing for God's strength."
   Evan listed his brother, Brian, as another influential role model because of the time that he takes with his brothers to go hiking and other activities.
   Chris Rose of Dobyns-Bennett has been one that Jeremy has looked to model his swimming ability to. "I just want to build up to the same level where I could beat him just one time," said Jeremy.
   Jeremy and Evan are the sons of Doug and Ruth Ann Lindauer. They attend Calvary Baptist Church in Elizabethton.
   It takes a lot of time getting them to and from practice," stated Mrs. Lindauer. "It has been worth it though because it is good exercise for them. They are pretty beat after swimming."
   Coach Johnson may not have seen the last of the Lindauers, either. They have a three year-old brother, Kynan, who will probably have the same competitive juices to keep the tradition going for awhile longer.