Fair go-to grappler for EHS

By Ivan Sanders

Wrestling is a unique sport that demands each individual on the team to look deep within their heart and soul to snag victory often from the jaws of defeat.
   Elizabethton wrestler Josh Fair has seen his share of memorable victories as well as heartbreaking defeats while a member of the Cyclone grappling program.
   Fair, who is ranked number six in the state in the 152-pound class, pulled off two more impressive victories on Thursday night at Treadway Gym to go 24-3 on the season.
   As a senior, Josh understands what being a leader means to his team.
   "I have to go out there everyday and work hard and be a good example for the younger guys on the team," Fair stated about his role as a leader.
   The sport of wrestling was introduced to Josh as the result of his brother, Justin, who is now at the US Naval Academy.
   "I guess that Justin is really the one who has inspired me to be the best wrestler possible, especially after all his success."
   Josh has not been a stranger to regional and state competition, as he has performed very well at both levels.
   "My goal this year is to win first place at both the regional and state competition," said Fair of his main goal for the 2001-02 season.
   Fair feels that the past success at both levels has made him a better wrestler for the Cyclones this year.
   "I have learned many valuable lessons from the mistakes that I have made against other wrestlers, and I think that has taught me how to avoid those same mistakes again," he said.
   Fair feels good about the strides his teammates have made thus far this year. " We have a young team, but they have really worked hard and I feel good about our chances in regional."
   Is wrestling in Fair's future after high school? "Right now I'm planning on attending ETSU and studying Biomedical Engineering. Plans can change though."
   Wrestling has taught Josh many things: "It has taught me to push myself to limits I didn't know I had. Wrestling has also taught me good work ethics and dedication which will be valuable to me , as well as how to eat properly."
   When Josh needs moral support, that support usually comes from only a few bleacher rows up, as Josh's parents-- Dale and Cindy, attend every match.
   "They really provide me with a lot of support at my matches," Fair said. "They are willing to go to the other side of the state and even out-of-state if need be. It makes me feel good knowing they are there."
   When asked if Fair would encourage other EHS students to wrestle, Josh commented, "Most definitely. I personally think that wrestling will teach you great work ethics, more so than a lot of other sports.
   "It also makes you more mentally prepared for life. I would highly recommend it because I know how much I have loved it."
   There is still a lot of wrestling left this year at EHS. This writer encourages everyone to attend a match and watch Josh and the other Cyclones in action.
   You won't see any flying suppleness, but you will see plenty of good high school wrestling.
   Ivan Sanders can be contacted at isanders@starhq.com