December 5, 2002


   * Jennifer Gay Shell, 21, 107 Carl Smith Road, Hampton, was arrested just after noon on Tuesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. T. Lowe on an attachment pro corpus out of Juvenile Court. She is scheduled to appear in Juvenile Court Dec. 19.
   * Sean J. Arnold, 29, 1298 W. Jackson Blvd. #13, Jonesborough, was arrested Tuesday evening by CCSD Lt. H. Guess on a warrant charging him with violation of probation.
   * Tony Hassain Smile, 44, 116 Commodore Ave., was arrested Tuesday evening by CCSD Sgt. Keith Range and charged with felony vandalism, going armed, and felony reckless endangerment. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court Dec. 9.
   * James Anthony Cross, 23, no address available, was arrested Tuesday afternoon by CCSD Deputy T. Blevins on outstanding warrants charging him with violation of probation and failure to appear. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court and Criminal Court.

   * Danielle Nicole Redmon, 114 S. Lynn Ave., Apt C, reported to Elizabethton Police Department PTL Tonya Range that on Dec. 3, a male subject known to her entered her apartment uninvited and then asked to borrow her vehicle. She stated that she told him no and then took the keys and attempted to leave in the vehicle to prevent him from taking it. She reported that he then busted the back windshield out of her 1987 bronze Z-29 Chevrolet Cavalier and took the vehicle. She advised the officer that she believed he was going to a residence on Wilson Avenue in Johnson City.

* Jim Holiday, of the FAA, reported to CCSD Deputy Kenny Cornett that someone had broken into the generator building on Panhandle Road by cutting the screens on the generator covers and then vandalized the building.
   * David Brooks, 172 Rocky Road, Johnson City, reported to CCSD Deputy Kenny Cornett that on Tuesday someone had vandalized a 1998 two-door red Saturn belonging to him. He said the car, which is driven by his daughter, had the passenger side window broken out of it sometime after midnight.
Traffic Accident

* Joyce L. White, 161 Taylor Ave., reported to CCSD Deputy Janice Black that at approximately 9:30 p.m. Monday night, a vehicle struck a 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity that was parked in front of her residence. The Chevrolet, which belongs to her son, was struck in the passenger side and was pushed into a chain link fence on the property.