November 24, 2002


   * Robert Lee Blevins, 41, 156 River Road, was arrested Thursday afternoon by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Patrick Johnson and charged with public intoxication, possession of Schedule IV narcotics and theft under $500. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Dec. 16.
   * Allan Dale Taylor, 44, 101 Pleasant Beach Road, was arrested Thursday evening by CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan and charged with disorderly conduct. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Nov. 25.
   * Benjamin L. Alfaro, 60, 1000 Kingston, Johnson City, was arrested Friday morning by CCSD officers on a warrant from Jefferson County, Ala., charging him with being a fugitive from justice.
   * Shannon Scott Guinn, 20, 118 Spears Avenue, was arrested Thursday morning by CCSD Deputy Dennis Leonard on a warrant charging him with failure to appear. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Nov. 25.
   * Ellen J. Gregg, 44, 586 Cowanstown, Butler, was arrested on Nov. 17 by CCSD Deputy Eric Buck and Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Mark Musick on a warrant for assault and vandalism. She is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Nov. 25.
   * Janette R. Roark, 25, 263 Edgewater Road, was arrested on Nov. 17 by CCSD Deputy Eric Buck and THP Trooper Mark Musick on a warrant for assault and vandalism. According to reports, when officers attempted to arrest Roark, she resisted arrest and fled on foot. Musick pursued her and restrained her. While being transported to the Carter County Jail, according to reports, she spat on Buck and Musick and resisted them. Buck then used a chemical agent to restrain her from further spitting and resisting. She is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Nov. 25.
   * Shannon Lee Phillips, 19, 2773 Bob Little Road, was arrested Thursday evening by EPD Sgt. Roger Crowe and charged with theft. He was reported to EPD by a Loss Prevention associate at Wal-Mart, 791 W. Elk Ave., as being a shoplifter. According to reports, Phillips is accused of stealing eight items including makeup, fingernail polish, jewelry and false eyelashes.

   * Heather Kropp, 360 Sneed Hill Road, Apt. B-1, reported to CCSD Deputy Janice Black that someone had stolen a prescription for pain pills from her home. She reported that she had just returned from the hospital for giving birth and had set the bottle in the kitchen. She reported that family and friends had been by most of the day to see the baby and she did not know who took the medication.
   * Buford Frazier, owner of Frazier's Auto Sales, 4250 Highway 19-E, reported to CCSD Deputy Tom Skeans that on Wednesday night between 8-9:30, someone had entered his business and stole four wheels and tires. Frazier reported that he suspects a male subject known to him.
   * Margrett Humphrey, 141 River Road, reported to CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson that a male subject known to her came to her residence just after noon on Thursday and attempted to sell her some items. After she told him she was not interested, she reports that he began going through her possessions and after she told him to leave, she noticed that a ring she had purchased as a gift was missing.
   * Anthony Ray Wood, 100 Milligan View Road, reported to EPD Sgt. Charles Moreland that on Thursday just before noon he discovered that tools had been stolen from his vehicle and a tire on the vehicle had been slashed. The tools have an estimated value of $375. He reported that he suspects some subjects who are known to him.
   * Jessica Campbell, an employee of Discount Tobacco, 520 N. Roan St., reported to EPD PTL Michael Sproviero that on Thursday morning, two subjects entered the store -- one male and one female -- and began placing packs of cigarettes into the coat of the male. When she asked the male to remove the cigarettes from his coat, he exited the store. The female then went to the counter and attempted to purchase three packs of cigarettes. According to Campbell, she stated that she would not ring the cigarettes up until the man came back in with the other packs. A few minutes later, according to the report, the male subject re-entered the store and opened his coat to show Campbell that he didn't have any packs of cigarettes. Campbell then told the two that she was going to call the police to have them search their car. According to Campbell, the subjects then left in a small tan vehicle. The male is described as wearing a black hat and jacket, with a gray beard and glasses and is approximately 45-50 years old. According to Campbell, she did an inventory of the cigarettes and the subjects stole five packs.


   * Carl Austin, 304 W. G Street, reported to EPD Sgt. Roger Crowe that he had observed a suspicious male about five feet, 10 inches tall, weighing approximately 150 pounds, dressed in brown overalls and wearing something over his face had struck the door to the Big G Market, 308 W. G Street. According to reports, the glass door to the business had been struck with a part of a cinder block and was damaged. Ed Green, owner of Big G Market, reported to Crowe that the damage to the door is around $400. According to reports, no entry was made to the store.

Missing Person

* Amber Marie Chambers, 17, was reported missing by her father, David Chambers. She is described as a white female with light brown hair and green eyes, five feet tall and weighing approximately 110 pounds. She was last seen at 6 a.m. Wednesday at her home, 2855 Highway 91, wearing baggy blue jeans, a yellow shirt and a green hat with a yellow $ on it. Chambers is a senior at Unaka High School and according to reports, she did not go to school on the last day she was seen.