August 29, 2002


   * Michael Eugene Byrd, 21, 142 Simerly Creek Road, Hampton, was arrested Tuesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Brad Johnson after the officer was dispatched to the residence on a call reported as attempted suicide with a weapon. When the officer arrived, a male resident told him that Byrd was sitting on the couch and was going to cut his wrist. The officer entered the residence and found Byrd sitting on the couch with a knife, as described. Nothing in the residence was broken or out of place, according to the officer. Deputy Johnson questioned Byrd, who claimed he was going to cut his wrist. However, according to the report, "the knife that was to be used was a butter knife which could have given the defendant third-degree burns but not a cut." Deputy Johnson asked where Byrd got the knife and upon checking, found several sharp instruments. Byrd then was asked where his medication was and informed the officer he was out. According to the report, deputies have answered three previous calls to the residence, and each time the facts were the same. "This department has been used for the purpose of transporting just to receive medication," the officer stated in the report. Byrd was charged with disorderly conduct.
   * Dennis Leroy Perry, 48, 2749 Siam Road, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Todd Hamm after the officer and Sgt. Patrick Johnson responded to a domestic altercation at the residence. Perry stated that his wife, who had been causing the problem, had left the residence. Perry was showing the officer the damages to the inside of the home when the officer noticed a small pair of scales hanging on the living room wall and a pipe containing marijuana residue lying on an end table. A pack of rolling papers and a pair of forceps were found in an ashtray near the bathroom, along with what appeared to be marijuana seeds. Perry told the officer that the paraphernalia was his but that he did not have any marijuana in the residence. Both officers noticed a strong odor of marijuana around the back door of the trailer, and after looking around the corner of the residence, saw a marijuana plant approximately 2 feet high growing at the end of the trailer. Sgt. Johnson also found two small marijuana plants which had been pulled up and were lying in the back yard. Perry said those were his also and assured officers he did not have any more marijuana. He was charged with manufacturing Schedule VI and possession of drug paraphernalia.
   * Janet Lee Perry, 40, 430 H. Heaton Road, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Todd Hamm after he and Sgt. Patrick Johnson responded to a domestic altercation at 2749 Siam Road. Dennis Perry, who also was arrested [see above], reported that his wife had set fire to several areas of the residence and that the couple had been separated since last September and had just gotten back together three weeks ago. Mrs. Perry still maintained her apartment on H. Heaton Road, according to the report. On Monday, Dennis Perry told his wife that things were not working out and Mrs. Perry left the residence. According to the report, she returned Tuesday and an argument ensued, during which time Mrs. Perry took a cigarette lighter and set the curtains and a blanket on fire. She also lit a roll of toilet paper and told Perry that "if she wasn't living there, he wouldn't either." She then left prior to officers' arrival. After being located, Mrs. Perry went to the sheriff's department and gave a written statement, admitting to setting the materials on fire in order to get her husband's attention. She was charged with assault under domestic violence.
   * Daniel Patrick Allen, 44, 132 Milligan View Road, Johnson City, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Laverne Julian and was charged with public intoxication.
   * Melinda Rhea Heaton, 37, 1635 Siam Road, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Chad Grindstaff and charged with violation of probation.
   * James Junior Price, 42, 305 Price Road, Erwin, was arrested Tuesday by CCSD Deputy Dave Ryan after Price entered the Circuit Court Clerk's Office at the Carter County Justice Center and fell into a man standing at the counter. The officer, who also was in the clerk's office at the time, saw Price fall against the customer, look around the office, then stagger out the door, according to the report. The officer followed Price out the door and detected an odor of alcohol on his person. Price said he had had a few beers. He was charged with public intoxication and escorted to jail.
   * Felicia D. Kirby, 20, 303 Race St., was arrested Tuesday by Elizabethton Police Department Sgt. Roger Crowe after he and Ptl. Jennifer Mayberry were dispatched to Winn-Dixie, 151 Hudson Drive, regarding a shoplifter. According to the store manager, Kirby had stolen several items and then tried to run when she was approached, assaulting one of the employees in her attempt to get away. She was issued a summons by Ptl. Mayberry, charging Kirby with shoplifting, and was arrested by Sgt. Crowe for public intoxication.