August 12, 2002


* Carter County Sheriff's Department Lt. B.L. Huffman responded Friday to an incident of vehicular vandalism at 161 Bishop Hollow Road. Lynn Greenwell, 165 Clover Branch Road, told Huffman that a person, allegedly driving a Ford Expedition, turned into the driveway and slung gravel over the side of his car. Inspection revealed scratches on the driver's side, according to the police report.


* Frank Rosenbaum, 123 Rosenbaum Private Drive, reported to CCSD Lt. B.L. Huffman on Friday that someone had stolen a set of antique Barbie dolls from his residence during the past month.

Domestic disturbance

* CCSD Lt. B.L. Huffman on Friday reported that Martha Plumber, 116 Darkridge Road, Butler, alleged that her ex-husband, Lance Plumber, entered her residence through a bedroom window while she was gone. When she returned, she allegedly found him destroying the property, throwing her belongings onto the lawn. Plumber alleged her ex-husband busted the rear door to the residence, tore the telephone out of the wall, and busted a window out of her shop located next door, before slapping her and threatening her life if she informed police of the incident.


* Joey Lynn Greenwell, 25, Tyler Apartments, Building #6, Apt. #5, Johnson City, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Deputy Jeff Markland for speeding and a fifth incident of driving on a suspended license.
   * Shannon S. Guinn, 19, 118 Spears Ave., was arrested Saturday by CCSD Sgt. Keith Range. Range reported that Guinn was driving at a high rate of speed, approximately 90 mph, on U.S. Highway 19E, when his car fishtailed. Guinn then turned left onto Lovers Lane, entered a trailer park on Fitzsimmons Hill Road, stopped, and fled on foot. A police check on Guinn found him in violation of a truancy law in April 1999. Range arrested Guinn for driving on a suspended license, evading arrest and reckless endangerment.