August 11, 2002


   * Robert Edward Hutton, 41, 912 E. Myrtle Ave., Johnson City; James D. Bass, 40, 212 S. Sycamore St.; Carol Kowalski, 45, 915 Pine Ridge Circle, Apt. F; and Andrew W. White, 31, 915 Pine Ridge Circle, Apt. D, were arrested Thursday by Elizabethton Police Department officers. According to the report, EPD Ptl. Jesus Pena was assisting Kelly Geagley of Elizabethton Housing Development Authority at 915 Pine Ridge Circle regarding a 1994 Nissan Carter County Bank was seeking to repossess. The vehicle was located next to the 915 building. Geagley and Ptl. Pena then went to Kowalski's apartment and upon entering, observed Kowalski, White, Hutton and Bass inside the apartment and detected an odor of marijuana. Bass and Hutton, who had been banned from the property, were taken into custody and charged with criminal trespassing. Police then asked and received permission to search Kowalski's apartment. Ptl. Pena called for backup from Capt. Rusty Verran and other officers. While waiting for officers to arrive, Ptl. Pena and Geagley found a pipe believed to contain marijuana residue, and a bag containing what was believed to be a small amount of marijuana. Kowalski was charged with simple possession of Schedule VI and possession of drug paraphernalia. During a search of the premises, Detective Greg Workman found a white decorative box behind the building containing a small amount of costume jewelry, two partial marijuana cigarettes, two sets of hemostats, a set of scales, pipe, marijuana seeds and buds. Sgt. Brian Fraley, who also responded, went to apartment 915 D, home of Andrew and Kimberly White, and obtained consent to search. During the search, Sgt. Fraley found a set of scales, an EPD captain's badge, a copper canister containing four baggies with a small amount of marijuana, five pipes with marijuana residue, a set of hemostats with residue, a razor blade and three cut straws which tested positive for cocaine residue, and a set of tweezers with marijuana residue. Andrew White told police the items belonged to him. He was charged with possession of Schedule VI and possession of drug paraphernalia. During a search of Apartment E, police located Myran Keith Montgomery, 34, 851 Hwy. 91, and served a summons charging him with theft of rental property from Video Fever.
   * Jimmy D. Guinn, 21, 715 H. St., was arrested Thursday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Tim Lowe and charged with violation of probation, and a capias charging him with failure to appear on second-offense DUI and public intoxication.
   * Douglas Arthur Barr, 21, 1108 Whitehouse Road, Greeneville, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan on a warrant charging him with violation of probation.
   * Rebecca Andrews, 28, 1371 Hwy. 91, was arrested Friday by EPD Ptl. Mike McIntosh on an attachment from Circuit Court charging her with contempt.


   * Ted Lewis, 59, 169 Campbell Rash Road, reported Thursday to CCSD Deputy Loretta Cloyd that someone had entered a vacant apartment he was remodeling and had taken the hot water heater, two construction work lights on a stand and two extension cords.
   * Messala Tolley, 19, 186 Clay Little Road, reported Thursday to CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan that her CD player had been taken within the last week by a subject who was helping her move to her new address. Tolley said she contacted the individual and he advised that he had taken it in compensation for helping her move.


   * Pamela D. Vance, 34, 1293 Bluefield Ave., reported Friday to EPD Ptl. Mike McIntosh that while she was visiting a neighbor across the hallway, someone entered her apartment. Vance said when she returned home shortly after midnight, she found her apartment door ajar and the sliding glass door open. Vance said the sliding glass door had been locked and her apartment door had been closed but unlocked. Nothing was missing at the time of the report, however, Vance stated that her prescription medication appeared to have been gone through.
Property damage

   * Amy Montgomery, 28, 1837 Gap Creek Road, reported Thursday to CCSD Deputy Dean Jones that she parked her vehicle in the driveway the night before and was putting her 2-year-old child in the car Thursday morning when the vehicle started rolling. Montgomery said the 1995 Ford Windstar rolled from the driveway into the woods. She was unable to remove the child until the vehicle stopped. The child was not injured and the vehicle was still in park. It sustained damage to the passenger's side, rear and under the vehicle.


   * James Tribble, 76, 253 Bill Nave Loop, reported Thursday to CCSD Deputy Loretta Cloyd that he heard a noise outside his residence around 9:30 p.m. the previous day and when he went outside Thursday morning, he found the driver's side window had been broken out of his 1987 Mercury Lynx.