August 4, 2002


   * Douglas Keith Conley, 603 Montgomery Street, Johnson City, was arrested Wednesday by agents of the 1st Judicial District Drug Task Force and members of Carter County Sheriff's Department after agents conducted a controlled "buy-bust" on North Road in the west end of Carter County. Conley was charged with sale of Schedule II (crack cocaine), possession of Schedule II (crack cocaine), and possession of drug paraphernalia. Conley allegedly sold approximately 1 gram of crack cocaine to an undercover operative, according to the report. He was arrested during a traffic stop and upon inventory of the vehicle, Detective Chris Pierce found two plastic baggies containing a brown substance and one baggie containing a clear substance inside a cigarette pack. A DTF agent located a white rock-like substance in the passenger's seat. Pierce also found a broken glass tube with residue and screen in the driver's floorboard. Conley's bond was set at $15,000 with arraignment set for Aug. 20 in General Sessions Court.
   * Jerry Eugene Potter, 28, 171 Buck Mountain Road, Roan Mountain, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Sgt. Ken Dugger and charged with violation of probation and assault under domestic violence.
   * Jason Glenn Price, 23, 202 Old Lacey Hollow Road, was arrested Wednesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Patrick Johnson after he and Detective Chris Pierce responded to a complaint of a domestic altercation. A female subject advised that she and Price had been in a physical altercation in which they both had taken part. Sgt. Johnson then went to Price's residence and upon approaching the front porch, found the front door open and detected a strong odor of marijuana. The officer stepped away from the doorway and observed Price sitting on the couch holding a small object in his hand which appeared to be the butt of a marijuana cigarette. Price dropped the item into an ashtray and attempted to get Sgt. Johnson into another room, according to the report. The officer found the remainder of two marijuana cigarettes, which he seized along with a pack of rolling papers, in the ashtray and advised Price of his rights. Price told the officer he had had a hard time and only smoked the marijuana to take the edge off. He was charged with possession of Schedule VI.
   * Casey Reed, 36, 111 Stillwater Circle, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy and charged with assault.
   * Sam Henry Malone Jr., 24, 140 Central Drive, Johnson City, was arrested Friday by CCSD Deputy Mike Commons and charged with violation of probation.
   * Adam Mitchell Ellison, 20, 743 Browns Branch Road, Hampton, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Sgt. George Skeans on a warrant charging him with violation of probation.


   * Kevin Ward, representing Carter County School Systems, reported Wednesday to CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson that six wooden decks from the front of portable classrooms, had been taken from the grounds of the old Cloudland Elementary School. The classrooms themselves had been moved to other locations, with the decks to be transferred later. The decks were valued at $3,200.
   * Robin Tester, 40, 114 Eldridge Drive, reported Thursday to CCSD Deputy Dean Jones that she was getting ready to mow the yard when she found all four wheels and tires missing from her red Murray riding lawn mower.
   * Ford Townsend, 1297 Rittertown Road, reported Thursday to CCSD Deputy Gregg Nave that while he was at work, his girlfriend found that his home had been broken into from a rear bedroom window. Missing were a 9 mm Beretta, a table saw, five blank checks with Townsend Trucking on them, two wide gold bracelets, wedding rings/diamond set, two pocket watches, coin collections, and two Bowie knives.
   * Harold L. Mann, 59, 122 Lewis Blevins Road, reported Thursday to CCSD Deputy Rebecka Bowers that his payroll check from Volunteer Blind Industries had been stolen from his home. Mann said the check had been in his wallet and the only time it could have been taken was when he was asleep. Mann told the officer that his boss advised the check already had been cashed.

Illegal dumping

   * Dexter G. Hoilman, 40, 354 Garland Branch Road, Johnson City, reported Wednesday to CCSD Sgt. Ken Dugger that he found animal parts in the creek above his residence. The parts appeared to have been there for about a week, and were badly decomposed. The parts reportedly came from a meat market.