August 2, 2002


   * Danny Joe Avery, 38, 203 E. Doe Ave., was arrested Thursday by Elizabethton Police Department Sgt. Roger Crowe following a traffic stop. According to the report, Sgt. Crowe had just turned onto Watauga from East Elk Avenue when he heard an extremely loud vehicle coming from East Doe Avenue. Sgt. Crowe said he heard the vehicle accelerate full throttle and that the noise was so loud it almost vibrated the car window. As the vehicle turned the corner and came toward the officer, Sgt. Crowe noticed that it did not have any lights on. When the driver, Avery, pulled into his residence, Sgt. Crowe stopped and asked him what he was doing. Avery said he had just hooked up a nitrous oxide system and was trying it out because he was getting the vehicle ready for a race. Capt. Clyde Croy arrived on the scene and officers detected an odor of alcohol coming from Avery, who told Sgt. Crowe he had drunk two beers. He was given several field sobriety tasks, which he performed poorly. Sgt. Crowe began to advise Avery of his rights, at which time Avery "threw up his hands and said, 'Just go ahead and arrest me,' so we did," Crowe stated in the report. Avery was charged with DUI and reckless driving. Officers also found a bottle containing three Valium in Avery's pocket, for which he had no prescription. Avery additionally was charged with possession of Schedule IV and transported to Carter County Jail, where he was given an Intoximeter test, resulting in a blood alcohol content of .17 percent.
   * Cleveland Eugene Norris, 40, 406 E. Mill St., was arrested Tuesday by EPD Sgt. Roger Crowe after officers received a call of a threat at the residence. Tammy B. Norris, 22, of the residence, told the officer that her husband, Cleveland, had been staying there but had left that day. Mrs. Norris said she had received a call from her husband's mother around 8 p.m., telling her that Cleveland had threatened to take a ball bat and bust Tammy's head. Mrs. Norris said her husband had been drinking all day and gave officers a description of the vehicle he was driving. Mrs. Norris was advised to take the children and leave the residence. About 15 minutes later, officers received a second call that Norris was at the residence. When they responded, they found the vehicle parked in front of the house but no one would answer. Moments later, Capt. Croy saw Cleveland run from behind the house, go across the street and through a neighbor's yard. After searching the area, officers were unable to locate him. They went back to the residence and spoke with Mrs. Norris, who told them that her husband had come to the neighbors, where she had been, and had assaulted her, telling her he was going to cut her head off. She was advised to get the children and leave the house immediately. Officers stood by until she left. Moments later, a concerned citizen reported seeing someone crawl into a culvert at Pine and Race streets. When they arrived on the scene, they found Cleveland Norris about 20-25 feet up inside the culvert. He finally backed out and was taken into custody. He was charged with public intoxication and assault under domestic violence.
   * Christina M. Williams, 23, 926 Pine Ridge Circle, was arrested Wednesday by EPD Ptl. Kevin Cable after the officer assisted Ptl. Jason McCall on an assault call in Pine Ridge Circle. Ptl. Cable observed Williams get into a green Ford Tempo with no visible registration and leave the scene at a high rate of speed. She was stopped at Johnson Avenue and South Riverside, and charged with driving on suspended license.
   * Darrell Manuel, 22, 204 W. Chilhowie, Johnson City, was issued a summons Tuesday by EPD Ptl. Jennifer Mayberry following a traffic stop. Manuel told the officer that he didn't have his license with him and that he was attempting to get his son to the hospital to be treated for a burn to the foot. The child was observed in the rear seat with a white gauze bandage around his foot. Manuel was advised to go on to the hospital. Ptl. Mayberry followed, and after a driver's license check, issued Manuel a summons for driving on suspended license and a warning for failure to stop for a red light.
   * Carl Perry, 20, 417 Washington Ave., was arrested Tuesday by EPD Ptl. Kevin Cable after the officer responded to the residence regarding a domestic disturbance. When Ptl. Cable arrived on the scene, he was met on the street by Perry, who advised that he had been struck by his father, Paul Perry. Paul Perry told the officer that his son had jumped in his face and pulled his fist back to strike him. He said he was in fear of bodily harm and punched his son to defend himself. Witnesses corroborated Paul Perry's account. Carl Perry was arrested and charged with assault.
   * Michael Maxam, alias Michael Allen and Michael Allen Cruz, 22, 1402 Windsor Ave., Bristol, was arrested Wednesday by Johnson City Police and charged with six counts of forgery, four counts of theft over $500, and criminal impersonation. The arrest stems from the passing of checks from a fraudulent account at local businesses.

   * Officers of Johnson City Police Bureau responded Wednesday to Johnson City Medical Center regarding a reported rape. The victim told police she was raped in east Johnson City. The incident is under investigation.