July 28, 2002


   * Olivia C. Stout, 22, 206 Stout Hollow Road, was arrested Thursday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Sarah Ryan after she, Chief Deputy James Parrish and Investigator Chris Pierce responded to 103 Sheraton Lane in reference to location of two subjects identified as Stout and Gary L. Whitson, 32, 190 Walter Stevens Road. The subjects reportedly were hiding on the resident's property. Stout was wanted on an outstanding warrant for aggravated assault and Whitson on a capias for failure to appear on assault under domestic violence and DUI. The complainant advised that he found the two subjects hiding in his garage and that they had fled into the woods. Deputy Ryan deployed her partner, K-9 Sgt. Kabor, to track the suspects. Sgt. Kabor tracked down a hill into the woods and then made a quick head turn back to the officer's left and lunged into a thicket. Deputy Ryan shined her flashlight into the thicket and found Whitson and Stout. Both were taken into custody. Stout's arrest stemmed from a call received Wednesday by CCSD Sgt. Ken Dugger, who responded to Grandview Circle regarding an assault. The victim, Willie J. Whitson, told the officer that Stout struck her in the head with a black object, about 1-1/2 feet long, with a sharp metal end. Investigator Pierce spoke with the victim and observed several abrasions to Whitson's head and face. A witness who was present during the altercation, also provided a statement.
   * Jeffery Whitehead, 37, 695 Willow Springs Road, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Sgt. Keith Range after the officer responded to a domestic disturbance in the parking lot of Carter County Sheriff's Department. When the officer arrived, he observed a man sitting behind the wheel of a blue Buick, and a man and woman outside the vehicle, arguing. As the officer approached, the driver, identified as Whitehead, started to pull away. Sgt. Range stopped him and after checking his license, determined that Whitehead was operating the vehicle on a suspended license. He was taken into custody.
   * Judy A. Calloway, 41, 220 Lovers Lane, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Deputy Jeff Markland after the officer responded to Lovers Lane regarding a subject screaming. When the officer arrived, he spoke with Henry Calloway, who was in a wheelchair. Calloway told the officer that his ex-wife, Judy Calloway, had thrown hot coffee on him. The officer noticed that Mr. Calloway's pants were wet and that he also had scratches on his stomach and right chest. Calloway said his ex-wife was responsible. Judy Calloway was charged with assault under domestic violence.
   * Larry M. Palladino, 29, 1272 Bluefield Ave., was arrested Thursday by CCSD Sgt. Keith Range on an attachment from Chancery Court for back child support. His bond was set at $6,320.99 cash.
   * Michael Cyphers, 39, 200 Mallard Cove Circle, Butler, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Sgt. Keith Range and charged with violation of probation.
   * Ricky Wayne Russell, 46, 117 Vines St., Hampton, was arrested Thursday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Tonya Scott after the officer responded to Food City on a shoplifting call. The manager advised that he did not wish to prosecute. While conducting a warrant check, it was learned that Russell's driver's license was revoked for third-offense DUI. Russell told the officer that he had been dropped off at the store by his mother and that he would walk back home. While leaving the store, Ptl. Scott noticed Russell standing at a vehicle with the hood up, apparently working on the vehicle. After several minutes he got the vehicle started and drove out of the parking lot. After confirming a second time that Russell's license was revoked, he was stopped and taken into custody. Russell was charged with driving on revoked and failure to provide proof of insurance.

   * A clerk at Quick Stop market in Hampton reported Friday to CCSD Sgt. Ken Dugger that a subject came into the market and asked for beer. The subject was told that the market doesn't sell beer after midnight. The clerk said the subject put a 40 oz. bottle of Bud Lite into his shorts, went out the door, and got into a vehicle which later was pulled over by an Elizabethton Police Department unit, however, the beer was not found.
   * Rickey Barr, 2300 Stateline Road, reported Thursday to CCSD Sgt. Keith Range that someone stole a pack of checks, numbered 2651-2676, from his residence. Barr said at least eight checks have been written so far. The checks are from Tennessee Teachers Credit Union in Johnson City. Barr said he became aware of the problem when he received a notice in the mail of a check returned for insufficient funds.


   * CCSD Deputy Jeff Markland responded around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday to 412 Watauga Road to a structure fire. Donna Adcox, 39, of the residence told the officer that she and her mother, Ruth Adcox, 82, were in bed when she heard something popping in the basement area. Donna Adcox said she then smelled smoke and got her mother out of the residence. The fire appeared to have started in the laundry area of the basement. Watauga Volunteer Fire Department responded. Cause of the fire was undetermined at the time of the report.