July 26, 2002


   * Maverick Lynn Estep, 26, 176 Livingston Hollow, was arrested Tuesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Investigator Audrey Covington after he allegedly gave his probation officer a forged letter from a doctor's office stating that the doctor had performed surgery on Estep. The doctor stated that the letterhead used was about 2 years old and that the signature was not his. Estep was charged with criminal simulation.
   * Joshua M. Dugger, 23, 501 Bellview Drive, Johnson City, was arrested Wednesday by Constable Bobby Canter and charged with violation of probation.
   * Jamie R. Blair, 231 Little Stoney Creek, was arrested Tuesday by Elizabethton Police Department Sgt. Matt Bailey following a traffic stop. Blair was charged with speeding and driving on suspended license.
   * Marissa Gaye Booker, 28, 106 Mary Evelyn, Johnson City, was arrested Wednesday by EPD Ptl. Jack Ramsey following a traffic stop. Booker was charged with driving on suspended license and speeding.
   * Tommy Nathan Burrow, 42, 101 Burrow Lane, was arrested Tuesday by EPD Ptl. Mike Merritt following a traffic stop. Burrow was charged with speeding, driving on suspended license, violation of financial responsibility law, simple possession of Schedule VI, and possession of drug paraphernalia.


   * Jim Joodine, 49, 1980 Bristol Hwy., reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Laverne Julian that he was in back of his house in the hot tub around 2 a.m. when his wife stepped outside and told him that she smelled smoke. Joodine said he also smelled smoke but thought that it was due to a neighbor burning trash. Later, Joodine said he began looking for his cat and looked around the side of the house and saw a large glow coming from the garage where he builds furniture. Joodine ran to the garage and found it full of smoke. He grabbed a water hose and went into the garage to try to extinguish the fire. A neighbor also assisted with fire extinguishers. Joodine received minor burns to his hands. Watauga Volunteer Fire Department responded. The fire burned through the roof of the garage and melted a large portion of the vinyl siding on his home, which also filled with smoke.

   * Rita Lyons, 38, 143 Hwy. 321, Hampton, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Laverne Julian that someone had entered her home the previous night and had taken a CD case with approximately 25 CDs, the face of a Panasonic CD player, and several shirts from her son's room. Entry was made through a rear door.
   * EPD Ptl. Richard Haney responded Wednesday to Krystal restaurant, 421 W. Elk Ave., regarding missing money. The director of operations told the officer that a deposit bag which was supposed to have been dropped in the night drop at Citizens Bank was missing.
   * Dorothy Quick, 210 S. Sycamore St., reported Wednesday to EPD Ptl. Tonya Scott that she believed someone had entered Maze Emporium during the night. On the third floor, Ptl. Scott found a room containing bedroom furniture belonging to the owner of the building. The room appeared to have someone living in it occasionally. Two empty cigarette packs, an empty beer bottle and a Bud Light case was found in the shift robe. Officers also found two open windows which had been secure the night before.
   * Karan McDowell, owner of Hoof Beats, 543 Hwy. 91, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Brad Hamm that on June 27, a black male came to her business, representing himself as a salesman from S&J's Merchant Services of Bristol. The man convinced McDowell to purchase a credit card scanner for her business. McDowell said she wrote the man a check for $295, which he took to her bank the same day and cashed. McDowell became concerned when the scanner did not arrive at the time specified and called the telephone numbers on the receipt, one of which came back not in service and the other to a group of churches. A spokesman from the church group stated they did not know the man but had had several calls for him in the past, including one from a Morristown detective who had been trying to locate him for similar incidents. The man is described as about 6 feet tall, 180 to 200 pounds, slender build and driving a small, older-model gray sedan. Investigation is pending.