July 24, 2002


   * Linda S. Greene, 50, 646 Golf Course Drive, was arrested Monday by Elizabethton Police Department Sgt. Roger Crowe after the officer received a call from Constable Bob Carroll that there was an intoxicated woman staggering around in Highland Cemetery. The woman reportedly was driving a red Ford. When Sgt. Crowe arrived, he observed a red Ford Mustang in the middle of the cemetery with a woman behind the wheel. The window on the car was down and it was pouring the rain, according to the officer, who had to wait for a few minutes for the rain to subside. The woman opened the driver's door and sat there, then closed it back and started the engine. She then turned it off and went back to Sgt. Crowe's cruiser. Because it was still raining hard, the officer asked her to get in the back of the cruiser, out of the rain. According to the report, the woman was argumentative and would not get into the cruiser until both she and the officer were soaking wet. The woman, identified as Greene, was uncooperative and, in the officer's opinion, too impaired to perform field sobriety tasks. She agreed to a blood alcohol test, but on the way to Sycamore Shoals Hospital, said she would not take it. She was transported instead to Carter County Jail and was charged with second-offense DUI and violation of implied consent.
   * Vicki D. Harrell, 47, 1518 Broad St., was arrested Monday by EPD Capt. Clyde Croy after the officer received a call from Elizabethton Fire Chief Mike Shouse, who advised that he was coming up behind a vehicle which was driving erratically on Broad Street and headed into the city business district. Capt. Croy waited for them at Broad Street and U.S. Highway 19E, then observed the suspect vehicle coming around the curve at Carter Mansion. The vehicle almost hit the curb as it rounded the curve. As the car passed the officer, Capt. Croy pulled out behind it. The driver finally stopped on Broad Street Bridge. The driver, identified as Harrell, told the officer she had not been drinking but had taken Klonopin for pain. After performing poorly on field sobriety tasks, she was charged with DUI.
   * Danielle Stills, 26, 1294 Bluefield Ave., was arrested Monday by EPD Ptl. Richard Haney after the officer observed the vehicle she was driving, traveling 44 mph in a 25 mph zone. The officer conducted a traffic stop and Stills was issued a citation for speeding. A warrant check revealed Stills also was wanted on an outstanding warrant from Washington County and a criminal summons for assault in Carter County.
   * Thomas Ray Cox Jr., 19, 109 Riverview Drive, Johnson City, was arrested Sunday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Todd Hamm and charged with violation of probation.

   * Robert Ritchie, 613 Barker St., reported Monday to EPD Ptl. Tonya Scott that he had received a harassing e-mail in reference to the sheriff's race in Carter County.


   * Tim Whitehead, 3663 Highway 19E, reported Monday to EPD Capt. Art Smithdeal that someone took a 1987 Toyota pickup from Tim's Auto Sales sometime between 6 p.m. and midnight Friday.
   * Michael Calvin Felts, 50, 127 Dayton Hayes Circle, reported Monday to CCSD Deputy Brad Hamm that someone had taken a 5-1/2 foot tall Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar from a flower garden in front of his residence. The tree, valued at about $200, appeared to have been jerked out of the ground. A path of dirt was found leading to the bottom entrance of Felts' driveway.
Property damage

   * Theresa White, 208 Lovers Lane, reported Monday to CCSD Deputy Albert Nave that a tree had fallen and hit her mobile home, cracking the ceiling in the bathroom.