July 18, 2002


   * Gary A. Bowers, 21, 130 Dan Bowers Road, was arrested Tuesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Investigator Chris Pierce on warrants charging Bowers with sale of Schedule IV drugs.
   * Johnathon Derek Hardin, 19, 2529 Bob Little Road, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Eric Buck after the officer was dispatched to 181 Smalling Road, Apt. 2A, regarding a domestic violence call. Crystal Rainbolt told the officer that she had been assaulted by Hardin following an altercation over a cell phone. Rainbolt said Hardin threw her across the kitchen table and began punching her in the head. Rainbolt sustained injuries to the mouth, forehead and right leg. She told the officer that she and a friend pushed Hardin out the door and locked it, however, he began kicking the door and then kicked out a front window. When Rainbolt called 911, Hardin left and was later located walking on Highway 400 in Watauga. The officer detected an odor of alcohol about Hardin, who told the officer he had had "about two beers." He was taken into custody and charged with assault under domestic violence, vandalism under domestic violence and drinking under age.
   * Two 17-year-old males were charged Tuesday following an altercation at Opie's Pizza, 1436 Milligan Hwy. According to Elizabethton Ptl. Jack Ramsey, the juveniles went to the restaurant, where employee Issac Pinkston, 20, was closing the restaurant. Witnesses said they saw the male subjects outside in the midst of a verbal altercation with Pinkston and saw one of the juveniles hit Pinkston in the head. The juveniles then observed the witnesses, who were on the phone calling 911, and began dragging Pinkston behind the restaurant out of their line of sight. Ramsey said Pinkston began fighting back and shortly thereafter, he and one of the assailants crashed through a plate glass window. Pinkston's boss, Chad Blackburn, who arrived to assist with the closing, was advised of the altercation and attempted to stop the juveniles as they were leaving the scene by slapping the car several times and yelling for the driver to stop. Blackburn said the driver turned and looked at him and then took off, according to Ramsey. Pinkston received lacerations to both arms as well as numerous other cuts and abrasions. He was treated at Johnson City Medical Center. Officers later received a call from the parents of one of the juveniles, who had come home and found their son and the other juvenile, who was bleeding from the head, standing outside the residence. The injured juvenile was treated and released from the medical center and charged with aggravated assault and underage consumption of alcohol. The driver was charged with accessory after the fact. The investigation is continuing.

   * Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Richard Haney responded around 3:53 a.m. Wednesday to a break-in at Domino's Pizza, 1946 W. Elk Ave. The front door of the business appeared to have been pried open, cracking the window plate glass in the front door. Inside, the safe had been dragged across the floor but did not appear to have been opened. The office had been ransacked and the cash register drawer was found lying on the floor with change strewn about and the bills removed. Two employees, who were already inside the building when the officer arrived, told Ptl. Haney that they had met in the parking lot because they were going to be doing a paper route together. One employee said he heard a noise coming from the business and left. When the other employee arrived, he opened the back door and saw that a burglary had occurred and called police. Even though the door appeared to have been pried open, the officer was unable to open the door by either pulling or pushing, according to the report.
   * Cora Hoilman of Sinking Creek Baptist Church reported Tuesday to CCSD Sgt. Tim Lowe that sometime between Monday and Tuesday, someone had entered the Family Life Center building at the church and had taken several cans of soda from a refrigerator in the kitchen area. A tube of whipped cream also was taken and used to write the word "Satan" on the sidewalk leading to the front door. Several empty soda cans were found in the parking lot area. Hoilman advised that the front door to the church was standing open when she arrived.
   * Heather Sloan, 1532 Broad St. Ext., reported Tuesday to CCSD Sgt. Keith Range that someone had stolen several decorative items from two graves located at Grindstaff Cemetery. Sloan said that flags, flowers, decorative items and fencing were taken from the graves of her son and uncle.