June 24, 2002


* Gregory John Westphal, 41, 340 L. Snyder Lane, Mountain City, was arrested Friday by Carter County Sheriff's Deputy John Barham for possession of Schedule II drugs for re-sale (4 grams of methamphetamine) and possession of a Schedule VI narcotic.
   * Roy L. Shipley, 48, 114 South Lynn Ave., was arrested Saturday by CCSD Sgt. G.S. Johnson for failure to appear and contempt of court. Shipley's bond was pre-set at $35,000. He was ordered to appear at the next arranged Sessions Court date.
   * Jerry Jackson Hartsock, 47, 108 Beecham Lane, Johnson City, was arrested Saturday by the CCSD on a charge of violation of probation.
   * Terrence Curtis Williams, 32, 124 Milligan Lane, Johnson City, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy for excessive drunkenness. According to the police report, Williams was sitting in a vehicle that was stopped in the middle of the road. When Croy asked him to exit the vehicle, Williams was unsteady on his feet. He failed various sobriety tests and allegedly told Croy he had drank a 12-pack of beer. Croy arrested Williams for his own safety, the report said. A background check revealed Williams had a previous DUI arrest.
   * Adam Lewis Price, 114 Coney Island Road, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Deputy Dean Jones for assault under domestic violence. The police report stated that Jones had responded to complaints about the juvenile on two previous occasions for becoming violent with his grandmother and throwing a pair of needle-nosed pliers at her. On this occasion, Price was allegedly twisting his grandmother's arm and being violent with her, according to the CCSD report. Jones arrested Price for the safety of the grandmother.

* CCSD Deputy Todd Hamm on Saturday responded to a complaint by Elizabeth Buffett. Buffett told police that someone had driven away without paying for $5 of gasoline at the BP Gas Station at 110 First Ave., Hampton.
   * CCSD Deputy Michael Carlock on Friday responded to a vehicle break-in at Puckett's Auto Sales, 5103 Hwy. 19E, Hampton. Gary Brewer stated someone had broken into a 1991 Mazda Navajo and stolen the radio. Police reported damage to the dash and the driver's side door.
   * John Reed, 1097 Old Railroad Grade, Roan Mountain, reported to sheriff's deputies on Saturday that someone had stolen his Jackson terrier dog (worth $2,500 according to the owner). Reed told police he had been riding his horse in the mountains and had his two dogs with him. He left the dogs to go hunting, and when he returned home, only one of the dogs was there.

   * CCSD Deputy Al Meehan on Friday responded to a trailer fire at 1205 Rittertown Road. The police report stated four of the five members of a family residing at the trailer were at the opposite end of the trailer where the fire apparently started. The family told police that a great-aunt was in the bedroom when the rest of the family heard the smoke alarm. The fire was extinguished. The incident is under investigation.