June 14, 2002

Worthless checks

   * Cindy Michelle Waters, 40, 103 Lancelot Road, is facing more charges of worthless checks following her arrest Tuesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Investigator Audrey Covington. According to the detective, Pierce's Grocery reported receiving a check from Waters on Nov. 18 in the amount of $72.55. The check was returned as "Account Closed." Weaver's store also received a check from Waters in the amount of $50 which was returned for the same reason. The check was written May 5 and the account closed as of Aug. 16, 2000. Any business having returned checks on Waters is urged to contact Investigator Covington at 542-1856.

   * Richard Tester of White's Discount Foods Inc., 701 W. Elk Ave., reported Wednesday to Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Kevin Cable that on May 10 the store processed a check in the amount of $394.51 from Bank of America with an account of Federal Express Delivery Services. Tester said the person passing the check purchased several cartons of cigarettes and a floral arrangement in the amount of $83.81 and received the remainder in cash. The check was returned and the store was advised that the account did not exist.

   * Gary Alden Bowers, 20, 130 Dan Bowers Road, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Investigator Sgt. George Skeans after the officer received information that Bowers was in the Oliver Hollow area of Hampton. Agents of the 1st Judicial District Drug Task Force, U.S. Forest Service, and members of the sheriff's department went to a location on the Appalachian Trail and found Bowers camping in a tent. He was taken into custody and charged with violation of probation and two counts of failure to appear.
   * Andrew James Deloach, 35, 140 Reynolds Road, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Kenny Cornett after the officer stopped a vehicle matching one which possibly had been involved in a theft on Tuesday in the city. A passenger in the vehicle, Deloach, was wanted on a capias out of Criminal Court for failure to pay fines and costs. He was taken into custody.

   * Brian Humphreys, 2644 Elizabethton Highway, reported Wednesday to CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy that he bought a motorcycle on Saturday and when he went to register it on Wednesday, found that the vehicle identification number on the bill of sale was not correct. Humphreys asked the officer to check to see whether it was stolen. According to the report, the VIN on the bill of sale did not match the number on the motorcycle and the number had been replaced. Upon touching the VIN plate on the motorcycle, it fell off. Lt. Croy observed that the number on the frame had been ground off and the plate number had one too many numbers to be a correct VIN. Humphreys told the officer he had found the motorcycle advertised in a local trade paper and had bought it in the Butler area, giving the man who purported to own the motorcycle $1,500. The man wrote out a bill of sale and gave Humphreys a copy of an insurance form from San Diego, Calif., where he said he was from. The insurance company told the officer that they did not insure motorcycles and that the policy was closed in 1999. At the time, the policy was issued to a different person than the one who sold the bike. Humphreys turned the motorcycle over to the sheriff's department to investigate the matter and the Criminal Investigation Division was notified.

   * Mark E. Kalkwarf, 50, 153 Fiddle Head Lane, Hampton, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Shannon Deloach that he received a call June 4 from Bruce Goodrow, 180 Timberlake Drive, Rogersville, who told him that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had called asking about a gun Goodrow had sold him. Kalkwarf went to the bedroom where he kept the .45-caliber, 6-inch Astra revolver and could not find it. Kalkwarf then called the ATF and was advised that the gun had been used in a crime. Kalkwarf could not recall the last time he had seen the gun. He also was missing a new Nikon 110 camera.

   * Teresa Nidiffer, 42, 150 Mayfield Drive, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Kenny Cornett that she parked her vehicle at the Wilbur Dam Boat Ramp around 4:30 p.m. and when she returned, she found the vehicle had been broken into and the console lid was missing. The left front door quarter glass of the 1989 Jeep Cherokee had been pried open to gain entry.
   * Christian Feathers, 707 Sugar Hollow Road, reported Tuesday to CCSD Deputy Loretta Cloyd that someone had stolen a Pioneer Super Tuner CD player out of his Chevrolet S-10 which was parked in his driveway. Feathers said a box speaker was taken from the truck one day last week.