June 7, 2002


   * Joseph F. Johnson, 20, 163 Bremar Road, Hampton, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Dean Jones at the carnival at Elizabethton High School. According to the report, a ride operator approached the officer and told him there were four people "smoking dope" on his ride. The officer approached the subjects as they were exiting the ride and detected a strong odor of what appeared to be marijuana. Deputy Jones asked Johnson whether he had any marijuana to which Johnson replied, "No, go ahead and search me." Deputy Jones found a small "roach" inside Johnson's cigarette pack that appeared to be marijuana. Johnson was charged with possession of Schedule VI. No drugs were found on the other subjects.
   * Christina Marie Culbertson, 22, 162 Bremer Road, Hampton, was arrested Wednesday at 602 Rittertown Road by CCSD Investigators Audrey Covington and Johnny Blankenship and charged with failure to appear on driving on revoked license, failure to appear on contributing to the delinquency of a minor and a juvenile attachment for failure to appear.
   * Charles E. Bowers Jr., 57, 108 Georgia Private Drive, Kingsport, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson and charged with DUI and driving on revoked license.
   * Crystal Elizabeth Godsey, 24, 190 Watauga Road, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Todd Hamm on a warrant charging her with violation of probation.
   * Kenneth Ray Walker, 37, 122 Ed Stout Road, Hampton, was arrested Wednesday at a carnival at Elizabethton High School by CCSD Reserve Deputy Brent Baker after the officer was approached by a woman who stated that she was being harassed by Walker over a child custody issue. Walker denied the allegation. While speaking with Walker, the officer detected an odor of alcohol about his person and administered a field sobriety test, which Walker failed. He was charged with public intoxication.
   * Elmer Dean Lipford, 30, 472 Denton's Valley Road, Bristol, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Shannon Deloach on a capias charging him with failure to appear and violation of probation.
   * Jesse L. Deloach, 19, 1267 Bluefield Ave., was issued a summons Wednesday by EPD Ptl. Mike Merritt following a traffic stop. Deloach was cited for speeding, violation of registration and violation of financial responsibility.
   * Tommy Nathan Burrow, 42, 101 Burrow Lane, was issued a summons Wednesday by EPD Ptl. Mike Merritt following a traffic stop. Burrow was cited for speeding, driving on suspended license and violation of financial responsibility.
   * Ronald Edward Morris, 23, 1916 Powder Branch Road, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson on a capias charging him with failure to appear on eight counts of forgery.


   * CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson responded Wednesday to 128 Jones Road regarding a disagreement between mother and daughter. According to the report, the 14-year-old female had returned home and was told by her mother to pack her belongings, that she could no longer live there. An argument and slight physical altercation occurred but no primary aggressor could be determined. The girl's mother told the officer that she was going to put her on a bus and send her to live with her father. The child, who has no other family in the area, stated that she did not want to go. Believing the girl might become a runaway, the officer transported her to the sheriff's department where Child Protective Services was notified and responded.
   * Isaias Herrera-Salas, 37, 301 S. Sycamore St., was arrested Wednesday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Brooke Mullins after officers were dispatched to the residence regarding vandalism of property and possible threats. Barbara Montezuma Salas told officers that her husband, Isaias, had vandalized a well in the front yard following an argument Monday night. While officers were speaking with Mrs. Salas, her husband came into the yard from across the street and began to demand that officers leave and not talk to his wife. He was advised to go back across the street and wait until officers finished talking with Mrs. Salas. He left the residence with four bags of clothing which had been placed on the front porch, saying that he was moving in at 301 S. Sycamore across the street . About five minutes later, he returned, demanding to speak with his wife. Salas again was told to wait across the street, at which time he began yelling for Ptl. Mullins to leave because the problems were "none of the police's business." He again was instructed to wait across the street. As he was leaving, according to the report, Salas turned and pointed his finger at his wife, saying, "You, be careful." After leaving, he then returned a third time and told officers that Mrs. Salas was his wife and the police needed to leave. Mrs. Salas was transported to Carter County Sheriff's Department to obtain an order of protection. Officers left the scene but received another call five minutes later regarding Salas returning to the residence with a weapon and making threats. James Robert Reece, 32, 102 Birdie Lane, Hampton, told the officer that he had come to the residence with his girlfriend, Mrs. Salas' daughter, and that as he walked toward the house, a Hispanic male wearing a yellow shirt and jeans approached him, pulling up his shirt to display a black and brown handgun tucked into his waistband. The man, identified as Salas, told Reece, "I'll shoot you," according to the report. Another Hispanic male came across the street grabbed Salas and pulled him back across the street into the lobby of the apartments. Officers entered the apartment building and observed Salas walking up the stairs. When questioned about the incident, Salas told officers he did not have the gun. Officers found the handgun tucked between two mattresses which were leaning against a wall in the lobby. After being identified by Reece, Salas was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault and vandalism.


   * Mike Mains, of Franklin Health and Fitness, 1500 W. Elk Ave., reported Wednesday to EPD Sgt. Charles Moreland that on June 1, someone took $337 from the pool office. Mains said that a day or two later, an anonymous caller told him that a subject had told her son that he had taken some money from the city pool.
   * David Stevens of Stevens Septic Service, 4659 Hwy. 19E, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Dean Jones that someone had stolen a 4-by-6 foot Army trailer, camouflage in color, with a 4 foot rack made out of 2-by-2 wood. Stevens said the trailer was taken sometime between 8 p.m. Tuesday and 8 a.m. Wednesday.


   * A pharmacist at Rite Aid Pharmacy, 507 W. Elk Ave., reported Wednesday to EPD Ptl. Mike Sproviero that she had received several forged prescriptions. On May 27, according to the report, the pharmacy received a prescription from an individual for Percocet. Throughout the course of the next two weeks several other prescriptions were filled for a separate individual. The pharmacist noted that the signature of the doctor on each prescription was signed differently and that one prescription was written on Saturday, May 25, over the Memorial Day weekend. The pharmacist made contact with the doctor who advised that he had not written the prescriptions.


   * EPD Ptl. Jennifer Mayberry was on patrol Thursday when she observed a red two-door sports car traveling 63 mph in a 35 mph zone on Milligan Highway near Bowers Avenue. As the officer turned on the vehicle, she was advised by the Emergency Communications Center that a male subject in a red sports car had just thrown a brick through the front door of Aunt B's Restaurant, 1436 Milligan Hwy. The officer lost sight of the vehicle while turning the patrol car around but found an extremely long skid mark from the highway onto the Old Milligan Highway. The vehicle appeared to have gone off the right side of the road, regained control, and continued on. No further contact was made. Ptl. Mayberry then spoke with Phyllis Blackburn of Aunt B's Restaurant, who advised that she was preparing to open the restaurant when she heard glass break at the front door. As she approached the front, she came face to face with a slender male, approximately 18-20 years old, about 6 feet 2 inches tall, with blondish hair and wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans, who then fled. A 4-inch cinder block was used to smash the window.