June 3, 2002


* John H. Bigley IV, 25, 200 Grindstaff Hollow Road, was arrested Saturday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Jeremy Puckett for vandalism and aggravated assault under domestic violence. According to the police report, Deputies Puckett and Collins responded to a domestic dispute phone call from Bigley's wife. When police arrived on the scene, Bigley was standing in the doorway to his mobile home, and when he saw the deputies, he went out the back door of his home and hid under some undergrowth. Bigley's wife told police her husband threatened her life for calling them and that he also shattered the front window of her car with his elbow. Police said Bigley had cuts on his arm from the incident.
   * Jewel Rose Smith, 36, 109 Kuhn Road, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Sgt. Penny Cornett for domestic violence. Cornett said a man, Kenny Taylor, came into the dispatch office at the CCSD and told her there was a woman outside whom police had a warrant on. When Cornett went outside, she tried to bring Smith into the building, and Smith began flailing her arms and hitting Taylor. Cornett placed Smith under arrest and brought her inside. Taylor left the scene.
   * Jessie Lee Deloach, 19, 1207 Bluefield Ave., was arrested Friday by CCSD Deputy Tim Tester on a criminal court indictment for sale of marijuana, Schedule VI.
   * John Elliott Hicks, 36, 146 Page Ave., Johnson City, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Deputy Al Meehan on outstanding warrants for violating probation on felony and reckless endangerment charges as well as aggravated DUI charges.
   * Brandi Greene, 22, 110 Fairhaven Drive, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Sgt. Bobby Canter for violation of probation without incident.


* CCSD Deputy Dean Jones responded to an incident Saturday afternoon involving Sheila M. Bowers, 250 Bulldog Hollow Road. Police said Bowers was at AD Fletcher's store when she noticed her ex-husband walking away from her vehicle. When she got to her vehicle, she noticed scratches on it, appeared to be made by a key. She also noticed a can of soda had been poured on the windshield.


* Steve Pritchard, 138 Estep Hollow Road, filed a police report with CCSD Sgt. Penny Cornett on Saturday for an incident that occurred on Highway 91. Pritchard told police he and another man, Richard Taylor, 1240 Bluefield Ave., were driving down the highway when they passed another man who police said was Keith Scalf. Pritchard told Cornett he and Scalf have been in the midst of a dispute, and when Pritchard saw Scalf, he gave Scalf "the finger." Scalf then chased him down and pointed a gun at Pritchard and reportedly said "he could solve the problem right now." Pritchard filed a report to obtain warrants.