June 2, 2002


   * Regina Dawn Godsey, 18, 143 Swimming Pool Road, Hampton, faces new charges after she was involved in an altercation in the women's block of the Carter County Jail. According to Deputy Jesse Booher, when he and Deputy Terry Blevins opened the main door to J-Block, they observed Godsey fighting with several inmates who were trying to restrain her. During the altercation, inmate Misty Singleton suffered a cut upper lip. Godsey was pushed out the door by inmates, swinging her fists at Deputies Booher and Blevins. Officers used a chemical agent to subdue her and transferred her to a holding cell where she again became aggressive and attempted to assault Deputy Booher. Godsey was charged with assault on Singleton and the officer. Godsey had been arrested Wednesday by Sgt. Patrick Johnson and charged with arson after setting fire to her grandparents' home, where she lived. Godsey told Sgt. Johnson that she had dropped burning matches into a pile of clothes inside her closet because she was mad at her grandparents.
   * Ronnie E. Jolly, 48, 836 Hwy. 91, Brookview Apts., was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Reserve Deputy Billy J. Collins II following a traffic stop after the officer observed a maroon Dodge van traveling north on Highway 91 with no headlights on and a construction barrel being dragged underneath the front end of the vehicle. When the driver was stopped, Deputy Collins noted that the vehicle was missing the driver's side mirror and that the side window was broken. Jolly told the officer he had left the Moose Lodge where he had consumed four beers. Following a series of field sobriety tasks, which Jolly was unable to perform to the officer's satisfaction, Jolly was charged with DUI and violation of implied consent.
   * Stephen Eugene Greene, 47, 223 Short Coal Chute Road, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Laverne Julian after the officer was dispatched to a domestic dispute. Donna Greene told the officer that her husband was intoxicated and they got into an argument, resulting in him pushing her and hitting her in the face. He then began throwing furniture and, prior to the officer's arrival, fled into the woods behind his home. Greene was found lying on the ground in some shrubbery with several full beers nearby. He was taken into custody and charged with assault under domestic violence.
   * Dennis O.L. James, 41, 342 Dalewood Drive, Johnson City, was arrested Wednesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Jim Whaley on a capias charging James with failure to appear on assault.
   * Christopher J. Effrick, 24, 678 Union Drive, Fort Wayne, Ind., was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan following a traffic stop. Effrick was charged with public intoxication.
   * Shelby A. Kiser, 19, 111 Joe Wilson Road, was arrested Wednesday by CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan following a traffic stop. Kiser was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.
   * Brian Allen Lovell, 27, 144 Beryl Blevins Road, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Deputy Jeff Markland following a traffic stop. Lovell was charged with speeding and driving on suspended license.
   * Jason Lester French, 24, 302 Princeton Road, Johnson City, was arrested Friday by CCSD Deputy Mike Carlock after the officer was dispatched to Sterling Hills Apartments regarding a disturbance. According to the report, the officer observed three subjects walking near the end of the apartment building and another subject appear from the right side of the trash dumpster with a beer bottle in his hand. The officer told him to put the bottle down, to which he responded, "Why?" The officer again told the subject, identified as French, to put the bottle down. "Why?" French asked again. The officer told him it was because he wanted French to put his hands on his head. French complied and the officer patted him down for safety reasons and asked him to sit on the curb while he attempted to resolve the situation. The officer also detected an odor of alcohol on French's breath and person. While Deputy Carlock was talking to the renter of the apartment, he observed French walking around with the beer bottle, drinking, stumbling about and shouting. The officer again asked French to sit, but he refused, saying that he wasn't doing anything wrong and didn't have to sit down. He continued to interfere with the officer's ability to resolve the situation and was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.
   * James Monroe Mayo, 54, Sycamore and Cottage Apartments, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Deputy Mike Carlock on a warrant charging Mayo with two counts of reckless endangerment.
   * Brandye Nicole Rogers, 22, 436 S. Broadway, Johnson City, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Deputy Jim Whaley on a warrant charging her with violation of probation.


   * Carter County Sheriff's Department has received several inquiries as to whether the department is soliciting monetary donations by telephone. According to Sheriff John Henson, the sheriff's department is not seeking donations and anyone who receives such a call is asked to get as much information as possible about the caller, then contact the sheriff's department immediately at 543-2211.
   * David Hooks, 62, 502 Watauga Ave., reported Thursday to Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Tonya Scott that a female, identified as Cynthia Miles with Bank of America, called him regarding a credit card problem. According to Miles, Hooks was the owner of Weddington Group L.L.C. with a credit card limit of $25,000. Miles told him that $1,110.26 already had been charged on the card. Hooks told the officer that he had never spoken with Miles before, nor had he ever heard of the Weddington Group, and that he had never had a credit card with Bank of America.


   * Jeffery Henderson Jr., 22, 132 Norman Joines Road, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Jeff Markland that sometime since April 24, someone had broken into his residence. Henderson said he and his wife had not been staying at the residence at the time the entry occurred. Henderson said he returned to the residence Wednesday and found that someone apparently had pried open the front door and had taken more than $1,850 worth of items. Damage also was done inside the residence, including a dent knocked into an interior wall and a hole in the top of a door.


   * Carter County Sheriff's Department is accepting bids for an auction that will be held at 10 a.m. June 15. All bids will be a percentage of sales and all expenses for the auction will be paid by auction company. Bids will be opened at noon June 7.