May 29, 2002


   * Gary Martin Murphy, 18, 189 Old Lacy Hollow Road, was arrested Monday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Jack Ramsey following a pursuit. According to the report, the officer was at the intersection of East F Street and South Lynn Avenue around 6:55 a.m., when he observed a blue car and a small black pickup traveling at an excessive rate of speed. Both vehicles failed to stop at three stop signs. Ptl. Ramsey and Ptl. Tonya Scott attempted to overtake the vehicles but lost sight of them. Ramsey then observed the truck turn onto Watauga Avenue and attempted to stop it. The driver, identified as Murphy, accelerated and continued on, later losing control on a curve and crashing into two steel barriers on Southside Road. Murphy was unconscious for approximately three minutes, according to the report, and when he came to, he gave the officer a name other than his own. Following Murphy's transport to Sycamore Shoals Hospital, Ptl. Ramsey assisted in inventorying the vehicle and found a small plastic bag containing what was believed to be marijuana, an open beer bottle and two bottle caps. At the hospital, the officer found a pack of rolling papers in Murphy's wallet. Murphy was treated for injuries, then taken into custody and transported to Carter County Jail. He was charged with felony evading arrest, reckless endangerment, DUI, possession of Schedule VI, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal impersonation, three counts of failure to obey a traffic control device, no tail lights, no seat belt, unlicensed driver, no proof of financial responsibility, underage consumption of alcohol and violation of open container law. He was being held in jail Tuesday night on $50,000 corporate bond.
   * Tony Hassant Smile, 43, 116 Commodore Ave., was arrested Monday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Lt. Bobby Huffman on a warrant taken by Sgt. Penny Cornett following Smile's release from Sycamore Shoals Hospital. According to reports, Sgt. Cornett and Deputy Dean Jones were dispatched to the residence around 3:46 a.m., Monday regarding a cocaine overdose. Officers were advised that the subject had "gone crazy" and was destroying the residence. When officers arrived, they found Smile covered with blood. Smile told officers that he had been shooting cocaine and believed that someone had come to the residence and was trying to kill him. Smile was treated at the scene by members of Carter County Rescue Squad then transported to the hospital for further treatment. When officers entered Smile's residence, they found a male subject, who identified himself as Neil Smith, no address listed, hiding in the bathtub. Smith advised that he, Smile and Smile's girlfriend had been shooting cocaine when Smile "went crazy." The residence had several windows broken out and all furniture was either overturned or destroyed. Used hypodermic needles and spoons were found on the bathroom sink in plain view. Smile was charged with simple possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct. While Smile was in jail, according to Deputy Jones, Robin Smith, 35, 136 Betterly Place, reported that she and her 13-year-old daughter were walking by 116 Commodore, when a large brown dog ran from the yard to the road and bit her daughter. The girl had several puncture wounds to the hand and wrist. The dog belongs to Smile, according to the report.
   * Jeffrey Lee Guinn, 21, 121 Pearl Bowers Road, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson on a warrant charging Guinn with violation of probation.
   * Michael J. Wawerski, 30, 216 Telford Road, Telford, and Leonard Allen Fischer, 32, 2563 Hwy. 81 South, Jonesborough, were arrested Monday by CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan and Lt. Harvey Guess, respectively, after officers responded to the double bridges on U.S. Highway 19E near Hampton regarding subjects fighting alongside the highway. According to the reports, Wawerski, Fischer and a third subject all had been drinking. While Lt. Guess was speaking with Fischer, Wawerski became uncontrollable and rushed toward Fischer, threatening to kill him, according to the report. Wawerski was placed in Lt. Guess's patrol car, where he attempted to kick out the window but was subdued with the use of a chemical agent. Wawerski was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Fischer was charged with public intoxication.
   * James Robert Moffitt, 26, 340 Lovers Lane, was arrested Monday by CCSD Deputy Albert Nave after the officer observed a vehicle traveling in a reckless manner, pull into the Superfood store on Highway 91. Deputy Nave and Constable Landon Pritchard checked the driver and detected a strong odor of alcohol. Moffitt was given several field sobriety tasks, which he performed poorly, and was charged with reckless driving, aggravated DUI (.20 percent blood alcohol content, twice the legal limit for intoxication), driving on revoked license and failure to provide proof of insurance.
   * Randy Lee Grindstaff, 20, 605 Cherry St., was arrested Sunday by CCSD Deputy Dean Jones after the officer responded to Rockhouse Road regarding a fight. Deputy Jones found a male and female sitting by the road, with the male, identified as Grindstaff, cursing the female. According to the report, Grindstaff could barely stand and almost fell, at which time an officer tried to catch him. According to the report, Grindstaff became belligerent and told the officer not to touch him or he would regret it. Grindstaff was taken into custody and began swinging his arms and trying to get away. He was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. During a search at Carter County Jail, Grindstaff was found to have in his possession 21 pills identified as .5 mg Lorazepam. He additionally was charged with possession of Schedule IV.
   * Rachel Nichols, 28, 805 Tipton St., was arrested Sunday by CCSD Sgt. Penny Cornett and charged with public intoxication.
   * Robert Lee Blevins, 40, 2107 Forsythe Drive, Johnson City, was arrested Friday by EPD Ptl. Kevin Cable and charged with public intoxication.
   * Wesley Duane Roller, 21, 101 Mark Drive, Gray, and Kelly K. Fields, 21, 1484 Milligan Hwy., Johnson City, were arrested Saturday by EPD Ptl. Kevin Cable following a traffic stop after the officer observed a Honda Accord traveling on the right front rim. Roller was charged with DUI and violation of implied consent. Fields, a passenger in the vehicle, was charged with public intoxication. She additionally was charged with simple possession after what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette was found on her person during a search at Carter County Jail.
   * Jeremy Lane Shelton, 19, 1343 Buck Mountain Road, Roan Mountain, was arrested Saturday by EPD Capt. Clyde Croy following a traffic stop. Shelton was found to have an active warrant charging him with violation of probation.
   * Joseph M. Edwards, 20, 801 Beech St., was arrested Sunday by EPD Ptl. Mike Merritt following a traffic stop after the vehicle he was driving was observed to be traveling 79 mph in a 55 mph zone. When the officer asked Edwards for his license, Edwards told him he had lost his wallet and gave the officer a false name. Edwards was asked to exit the vehicle, at which time the officer found a wallet in Edwards' rear pants pocket containing his driver's license. A check revealed that Edwards' driving privileges were suspended. He was charged with speeding, violation of financial responsibility law, criminal impersonation and driving on suspended license.
   * Frederick W. Roberts, 56, 102 Laurel St., Hampton, was issued a citation Friday by EPD Ptl. Mike Merritt following a traffic stop. Roberts was cited for driving on suspended license and violation of financial responsibility law.


   * Ray H. Pierce, 85, 856 Piercetown Road, Butler, reported Friday to CCSD Deputy Todd Hamm that someone had stolen two bank bags containing approximately $400 in cash and several other items from his home. Pierce said a white male with graying hair had stopped by his home two times and had spoken with him from the roadway. Pierce said the man made small talk about how Pierce's wife was doing. He also said he did not recognize the man. Around 2:30 p.m., the man came back with a small container of strawberries and offered to pick a larger bucket of berries for Pierce for $25. Pierce went into a bedroom to get money from a money bag and then went to get the man a bucket. When Pierce returned to the house, he found that the man had left with two money bags, one belonging to Pierce Baptist Church where Pierce and his wife are treasurers. The bags contained approximately $300 to $400 in cash, half a book of checks belonging to the church, deposit slips and an uncashed check made out to the church.
   * A clerk at Quick Stop Market, 202 Hwy. 321, Hampton, reported Sunday to CCSD Deputy Shannon Deloach that an older man, approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall, with salt-and-pepper color hair, came into the market and asked to use the "little girl's room." The clerk gave him a set of keys and the man went outside but did not return. The keys were not located during a check around the store.
   * EPD Ptl. Mike Sproviero responded Sunday to Rustlers, 630 Broad St., regarding a break-in. According to the report, an employee advised that when she came in at 6:30 a.m., she started to turn some lights on in the dining area and found that the door at the southwest side of the building had been damaged. During investigation it was determined that the cash register and a wooden drawer underneath the register had been broken into and $500 taken from the drawer. According to the report, a crow bar, possibly red in color, appeared to have been used to pry the door open, along with the cash register and wooden drawer. A desk in the office also had been pried open. Officers searched the immediate area and an envelope containing a document from Rustler's was found under a nearby bridge. A pack of canceled checks was found in the river and two deposit bags were located on the north side of Broad Street. A plastic tray which had been in the wooden drawer was found behind a residence off Academy Street. It was unknown at the time of the report whether anything else was taken.


   * Bob Salyer, area manager of Builders FirstSource, 238 E. Elk Ave., reported Saturday to EPD Ptl. Mike Sproviero that someone had entered the building and had discharged several fire extinguishers inside. Several paint cans were broken open and paint was thrown over the floor in the warehouse. Inside the showroom, four surveillance cameras which were housed inside smoked plastic bubbles in the ceiling, were taken, resulting in damage. A pry bar was used to try to open two cash drawers, also damaging those. An office door was destroyed to gain entry to a room. Once inside, cabinets were opened and papers thrown about. The perpetrator also broke open two gumball machines and threw candy across the floor. Approximately 20 packs of batteries appeared to have been taken.
   * Raymond Lewis of Lewis Gulf Service Station, 1302 W. G St., reported Monday to EPD Sgt. Matt Bailey that when he entered the station, he noticed that someone had broken the glass in the front door. Nothing appeared to be missing at the time of the report.
   * Charles Von Cannon of Bemberg Industrial Center, West Elk Ave., reported Monday to EPD Sgt. Matt Bailey that someone had hit his dog and several places at BIC with paint balls. Nothing appeared damaged at the time of the report and the dog did not appear to be injured.