May 19, 2002


   * Michael Lee Hopkins, 21, 810 Magnolia Extension, Johnson City, was arrested Friday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Keith Range after deputies were dispatched to Grant Parlier Road in reference to an armed subject. Witnesses told officers that Hopkins, who was present at the scene, came to the residence looking for a male subject and had what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun sticking down the front of his pants. They said Hopkins put the weapon inside his vehicle prior to officers' arrival. During the investigation it was found that Hopkins had been at a location in Washington County looking for a male subject who allegedly stole $1,500 from him. During the incident, which was not reported to Washington County authorities, Hopkins and the male struggled, resulting in the weapon discharging and striking Hopkins in the foot. A female subject reportedly was struck in the leg and received minor injuries. Hopkins then went to the residence on Grant Parlier Road, looking for another male subject. Hopkins gave officers permission to search his vehicle and deputies found a sawed-off .20 gauge shotgun lying behind the front seat. One round was found in the chamber and two more in Hopkins' front pocket. He was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and going armed.
   * Jonathon Roy Wilson, 19, 1616 Charity Hill Road, was arrested Friday by CCSD Deputy Jeff Markland after the officer responded to the residence regarding a possible domestic disturbance. Doyle Gregg, 80, same address, told the officer that his nephew, Wilson, had assaulted him. Gregg had a cut on his left wrist where he said Wilson grabbed him. Gregg also told officers he thought Wilson had a gun in his room and gave officers permission to search. Officers found a tin containing a pipe, two knives, and a pair of clips with what appeared to be marijuana residue on them. Another pipe containing residue was found on Wilson's person. He was charged with assault under domestic violence and possession of drug paraphernalia.
   * Matthew Lee Cox, 20, 861 Weaver Branch Road, Bluff City, was arrested Thursday by Elizabethton Police Department Capt. Rusty Verran. The officer was at Carter County Plaza when he heard squealing tires and observed a white Chevrolet Caprice accelerating in a circular manner, resulting in the back of the vehicle breaking traction with the roadway and sliding to the outside. The driver, Cox, told the officer that friends had asked him to demonstrate the hydraulic system on his vehicle. There were approximately 15 to 20 people present in the immediate area. Cox was charged with reckless endangerment.
   * Stacy Keith Guinn, 20, 287 Heaton Road, was arrested Thursday by EPD Capt. Clyde Croy following a traffic stop. He was charged with driving on suspended license.
   * Spencer Ryan Campbell, 21, 197 Campbell Hollow Road, Roan Mountain, was arrested Friday by officers of Johnson City Police Bureau following investigation into the embezzlement of $16,350.95 from Wood You Unfinished Furniture, 155 Mountcastle Drive, Johnson City. Campbell was charged with theft over $10,000 and booked into Washington County Detention Center.


   * EPD Ptl. Mike McIntosh responded Thursday to Wal-Mart, 791 W. Elk Ave., regarding solicitors. Loss prevention personnel told the officer that they had advised several male subjects to leave the property after receiving customer complaints during the week about solicitors inside and outside the store. Several of the subjects had been advised during the week not to come back, store personnel said. While speaking with loss prevention, three solicitors were observed getting into a 1989 Chevrolet van. The driver of the vehicle did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign located at the intersection of Tony Fuller Road and Bemberg Road. The officer stopped the van, with Indiana tags, and identified the driver as Matthew Schachter, 22, 1015 Atlantic Blvd., Atlantic Beach, Fla. Passengers were identified as: Derrick Joseph Chappell, 19, 9536 Princeton Square, Jacksonville, Fla., and Paul S. Whiteside, 19, 188 Darla Drive, Woodstock, Ga. The subjects told the officer they were selling magazine subscriptions in an effort to accumulate points which could lead toward money for college. The driver could not produce vehicle registration or proof of insurance. The subjects also did not have a city business permit and could not provide a phone number to verify their association with a legitimate organization. The subjects told the officer that their director was staying at Holiday Inn in Raleigh, N.C., however, they did not provide a telephone number for the director. Schachter said the van belonged to the director, but could provide any proof. A check of the registration came back not on file. The subjects told the officer they were working for Booknet Ltd., based out of California, but could not produce a telephone number. The driver was issued a summons charging him with violation of financial responsibility law and the subjects were advised not to be soliciting. Following the field interview, the officer spoke with a Wal-Mart cashier who advised that a young male had attempted to sell her a magazine subscription the previous night, but had acted very suspicious, telling her, "I know I probably should not be doing this." The cashier said her suspicions were aroused further when the young man told her she would have to pay for the subscription up-front. Further investigation revealed that solicitation activities had been ongoing during the week and that different solicitors had been there each day, all in different vehicles. On Tuesday they were observed riding in a dark blue van with North Carolina tags; on Wednesday they were observed in a white Dooley with Mississippi registration; and on Wednesday they were observed in a dark blue Chevrolet van with Indiana registration.