May 6, 2002


   * Virgil Quinton Harper, 31, 114 Powder Branch Road, was in intensive care at Johnson City Medical Center late Saturday after he was found hanging in his basement by a bed sheet. Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Tim Lowe and Deputy Dean Jones responded to the residence around 6:17 p.m. Saturday and observed Harper lying on his back in the basement floor, unresponsive. Carter County Rescue Squad members Brian Loffman and Alan Rasnick and West Carter Volunteer Fire Department members Michael Britt and Chris Jones responded and were able to obtain a heart rhythm prior to Harper's transport to the medical center. Shane L. Allen, 30, of the residence, said she returned home and found a suicide note on the kitchen table and found Harper hanging from a floor truss in the basement and cut him down, then called 911. Allen said Harper had not made any suicide threats.


   * CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy was dispatched Saturday to 1443 Powder Branch Road to investigate the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl. According to the report, the victim and another female juvenile were in bed asleep around 3 a.m. when a male subject who was spending the night at the residence, came into the bedroom where she was sleeping and started touching her between the legs. She told him to quit at which point he pushed her hands away, pulled down her undergarments and sexually penetrated her, then went back to the living room and went to sleep on the floor, according to the report. The owner of the residence said the assailant had come to the residence earlier in the day and left in her car to get cigarettes, returning around 3 a.m. The other female juvenile who was asleep beside the victim, said she heard the victim tell her assailant to stop touching her, assumed he did, and then went back to sleep. When the juvenile females awoke, one of the owners of the residence left to take the assailant home and the victim told the other adult what had happened. The juvenile was taken to Sycamore Shoals Emergency Room for treatment and tests. Sheriff John Henson and Investigator Randy Bowers were notified and the report turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division.


   * James A. Warrer, 414 Highland, Marion, Va., was arrested Saturday by Constable Bobby Canter after Warrer stopped the officer on State Route 91 in the vicinity of Smith Mobile Homes and asked him how to get to Bristol. The officer observed an odor of alcohol on Warrer and charged him with public intoxication.
   * Sharon Denise Fuller, 27, 192 Rosewood Circle, was arrested Friday by officers of Johnson City Police Bureau and charged with 10 counts of forgery and nine counts of theft under $500. According to police, the arrest stems from investigation into several forged checks on two different accounts in Johnson City over the last month.
   * Talmon Lafayette Lee, 50, 712 Lamont St., was arrested Friday by officers of Johnson City Police Bureau after they responded to the residence regarding a disturbance in the parking lot. Officers found three subjects outside the apartments standing near a four-door vehicle. During a field interview and records checks on the three subjects, a National Crime Information Center hit came back on Lee. He originally was charged in Sullivan County with attempted second-degree murder and was wanted for failure to appear on the charge. He was taken into custody, booked into Johnson City Jail and then transferred to Sullivan County Jail where he is being held without bond pending trial.


   * Ford Julian, 610 Tiger Creek Road, Hampton, reported Friday to CCSD Deputy Al Meehan that he and his wife were caring for a neighbor's animals while they were out of town. When the Julians went to the residence Friday, they found the house had been entered and ransacked. Televisions were unplugged and turned face down, several drawers were opened with items strewn about. The officer observed an open window with the screen popped out on the west side of the mobile home. According to the report, a typewriter-size fireproof safe was missing from the closet in the master bedroom as well as a wooden etched box from the dresser containing a key to the safe. The case was turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division.