May 3, 2002


   * Michael F. Laird, 28, 160 Anderson Road, Mountain City, was arrested Wednesday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Keith Range on a capias charging him with failure to appear on driving on suspended license.
   * John Edward Holsclaw, 38, 208 Reynolds Road, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson and charged with public intoxication.
   * David Charles Clawson, 39, 183 Lacy Hollow Road, was arrested Thursday by CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson after the officer observed a van in the Dry Creek area traveling in an erratic manner. Clawson was arrested on an outstanding warrant charging him with criminal trespassing.
   * Justin Douglas Booher, 22, 333 Beechwood Circle, Bristol, was arrested Tuesday by officers of Johnson City Police Bureau following investigation into two separate burglaries at apartments on Mulberry Road in Johnson City during the last three weeks. Booher was charged with two counts of aggravated burglary, theft under $500, theft over $500 and simple assault. Booher also is wanted in Sullivan County on a warrant charging him with violation of probation.


   * Clarence E. Frye, 32, 718 Beech St., and Shirley Hamby, 61, 767 Sugar Hollow Road, reported Wednesday to CCSD Sgt. Patrick Johnson that Hamby's home had been broken into and two RCA televisions -- one with a built-in VCR -- and an RCA VCR were stolen. Entry was made through a rear window.
   * Ramona Pippin, 39, 126 Taylor Hollow Road, reported Wednesday to Carter County Sheriff's Department that her 1995 Pontiac had been vandalized and her residence burglarized. The officer observed two long scratches on the passenger side of the vehicle. Pippin said a large amount of jewelry was stolen from the residence, including approximately 24 rings, one containing 26 diamonds, six necklaces, four sets of earrings, old coins, an old guitar belt buckle and three watches. The items were valued at $8,000.
   * Derrick W. Fields, 22, 2701 S. Roan St., reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Brad Hamm that on April 14 he had a car amplifier stolen from Ideal Golf Carts. Field said that he found the amplifier Wednesday at Mr. J's Pawn Shop in Johnson City.
   * Robert Pierce, 32, 505 Orchard St., reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Todd Hamm that his Toyota Corolla had been burglarized while parked at Little Doe Church on Simerly Creek. Pierce said he left the vehicle there at 7:30 a.m. and rode to work with his boss and when he returned to pick up the vehicle after work, he found that someone had removed a Pioneer Super Tuner three-CD stereo from the dash, along with personal items, a Skil rechargeable drill and a 12-inch Olympia high-phonics sub-woofer.

Property damage

   * Steven J. Glowicki, 19, 124 Victory Lane, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Brad Hamm that someone had run into his car, which was parked outside his residence. The vehicle was damaged from the front door of the driver's side all the way to the rear bumper, including the rear tire.

Medical call

   * Elizabethton Police Department Sgt. Matt Bailey and Ptl. Richard Haney responded Wednesday to 608 Locust St., regarding a stabbing incident. The victim's brother reported that his sister was inside the residence with the doors locked, cutting herself. Officers observed several large drops of blood on the front deck and front door and made forced entry. The victim was found in the kitchen, along with a profuse amount of blood on the floor. The victim was bloody and extremely angry. When she saw the officers she began to scream and stepping backward, retrieved a steak knife from the kitchen counter. With weapons drawn, officers ordered the woman to drop the knife, however she ignored the commands and stepped toward officers with the knife in her hand. As officers continued to order her to drop the knife, she turned and ran into the bedroom and slammed the door. Ptl. Haney forced open the door and the woman dropped the knife on the floor. The woman was treated at the scene for five to six stab wounds in the legs and arms and transported to Sycamore Shoals Hospital Emergency Room. She was placed in a treatment room for evaluation and shortly afterward, got off the bed and began ramming her head into the wall. She then fell in the floor and began to hit her head on the cabinets and to kick at the nurse and officers. Upon being transferred to another room, the woman began to kick officers and attempted to get away. She was placed in an arm lock, where she continued to resist. She was subdued with a chemical agent and later transported to Woodridge psychiatric hospital.