April 26, 2002


   * Crystal Chambers, 113 Landfill Road, was arrested Wednesday by agents of the First Judicial Drug Task Force on a warrant out of Sessions Court for failure to appear to serve jail time. She was arrested in Johnson City and transported to the Carter County Sheriff's Department. She was scheduled to be arraigned in Sessions Court on Thursday.
   * James Roscoe Russell, 385 Whaleytown Road, was arrested by Deputy Donald White on a capias Wednesday charging him with failure to appear.
   * On April 24 at approximately 4:10 p.m., Deputies Eric L. Buck and Lt. Harvey Guess were dispatched to Super Foods Convenience Store in reference to two suspects, possibly intoxicated, parked behind the store. Upon arrival officers found Richard James White Jr., 151 Dogwood Lane, Butler, and Melissa Williams occupying the car. Officers said White appeared passed out on the passenger's side of the car, and a strong odor of alcohol was detected. Officers woke White up and asked him to exit the vehicle, and when he did he had a hard time keeping his balance and his eyes were bloodshot. Ms. Williams also had bloodshot eyes and could not perform the sobriety tests. Both were arrested for public intoxication. After a search of the vehicle, in which officers found a syringe and a vile tube between the seats of the vehicle believed to contain OxyContin, White was charged with possession of Schedule II drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court May 10.


* Richard Honeycutt, 137 Dan Bowers Road, reported his vehicle tag -- KWQ-137 -- was missing. Honeycutt said he discovered the tag was missing around April 19, and could not advise if it was lost or stolen.


   * Tony Damon Blair, 201 Dalewood, Lot No. 2, Johnson City, was charged by Carter County Sheriff's Department officers with assault/domestic violence when Deputy Jeff Markland was dispatched to his residence on Wednesday. Crystal Blair told the officer that she and her husband, Danny Blair, had been involved in an argument and that he pushed her and she had fallen on a table and burst her lip. The officer said Ms. Blair had visible physical signs of assault. Danny Blair was arrested without incident.
   * Officers were dispatched to Carl Smith Road, Hampton, on Wednesday, where Jerry Blevins told officers his daughter, Melissa Blevins, had been assaulted by two male juveniles when she went to a residence up the road from their house to retrieve a video game that had been taken from the residence. Ms. Blevins told officers that when she asked for the game, one of the juveniles held her down on the ground while the other kicked her in the left side of her body near her hip. She told officers that a church van pulled up, diverting the two juveniles' attention, and she was able to get away. Blevins advised officers he was going to take his daughter to the emergency room. He was advised by the officers of the proper paperwork he could take out against the two juveniles. Investigation into the matter is pending.
Youth charged

* Paul Gouge, principal of Hunter Elementary School, called officers to the school Tuesday when a knife was found in one student's shoe. An investigation was made by the principal when several students in a sixth grade class gave their teacher a note, informing her that a classmate had a knife. The student was called to the office and asked if he had a knife. Gouge said the knife, which had a four and one-half inch lock blade, was in the student's shoe. The student told the principal he had brought the knife to school to show to some of his friends. His parents were called and a petition was filed by Deputy Loretta Cloyd on the juvenile for carrying a weapon onto school property.

Student suspended

   * A 15-year-old student at the Lift Academy has been suspended after making threats toward a teacher and another student at the school according to the Carter County Sheriff's Department. The threats were verbal and no weapon was involved, authorities said.
   The Lift Academy is the school system's alternative school for students, who have violated the zero-tolerance policy. Authorities said the youth was attending the school after being expelled from Hampton High School for a drug violation.
   He has been suspended from the Lift Academy until the investigation is complete.