April 19, 2002


   * Donnie Ray Hatley, 27, 460 Dry Hollow Road, was issued a citation for speeding Wednesday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Jason McCall following a traffic stop. Carter County Sheriff's Department also was found to have a summons for Hatley, charging him with failure to pay fines and court costs. He additionally was served the summons.


   * Bobby Scalf, 51, 701 E. Second St., reported around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday to EPD Ptl. Jason McCall that he observed two juveniles riding on two old scooters near his residence. A few minutes later, he said, the same juveniles were observed on Academy Street with two additional scooters which looked new. Scalf located the old scooters in the river next to a tree. Scalf told the officer he thought the new scooters were taken from the porch of his neighbor, Angela Kay Vaughn. Around 7:45 p.m., Vaughn returned home and reported that her daughters' scooters had been taken from her front porch. The scooters matched the description given by Scalf of the ones he saw the two boys riding earlier. Sgt. Brian Fraley and Ptl. McCall searched the area but were unable to locate the boys or the scooters. The youths were described as about 8 to 12 years old, both with blond hair.
   * Joe Morrell of Tennessee Department of Transportation, 312 Johnson Ave., reported Wednesday to EPD Sgt. Roger Crowe that while he was conducting inventory Wednesday morning, he discovered a yellow Stihl chainsaw with 14-inch bar, and a red Milwaukee industrial grinder missing.
   * Sonja Dalton, 75, 218 S. Hills Drive, reported Wednesday to EPD Ptl. Jason Shaw that someone stole a hubcap from her Ford Aspire sometime during the night or early morning. The hubcap is a four-spoke chrome type for a 13-inch tire.

Counterfeit bill

   * Angie Oliver of Quick Stop Market, 110 First St., Hampton, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Shannon Deloach that she was counting the deposit from the previous night when she found a fake $20. The bill was copied on printer paper and the front and back were taped together with clear tape.


   * Michael LaFollette, 912B Pine Ridge Circle, reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Kenny Cornett that he was traveling on Stateline Road with his friends following him in another car, when a Mustang with two occupants got behind him and began chasing him. LaFollette said he turned up a side street and tried to lose them but was unsuccessful. The subjects threw rocks at his car, causing several dents in the hood and a broken windshield.

Dog shot

   * Charles Bowers, 32, 190 Bill Nave Loop, reported Wednesday to CCSD that his trained beagle hunting dog had been shot. Bowers said a neighbor observed a man drag the dog into a field.

Reckless driving

   * Faculty members from Hampton High and Unaka Elementary School reported Wednesday to CCSD Deputy Loretta Cloyd that they observed a vehicle come though both parking lots, driving recklessly, in disregard to the safety of persons and property on school grounds. A 16-year-old juvenile was determined to be the driver. A juvenile petition for reckless driving was filed.


   * Jean Eileen Nelson, 54, 107 Billy Joe Drive, reported Wednesday to EPD Ptl. Jennifer Mayberry that she was traveling west on G Street when an older model gray pickup crossed into her lane of travel, causing her to strike a curb with the right front tire of her vehicle.