April 16, 2002


   * Jerry Mark Cochran, 30, 3229 Gap Creek Road, Hampton, was arrested Sunday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Al Meehan after the officer stopped a vehicle on Tiger Creek Road for excessive speed and learned there was a warrant on file for Cochran. He was charged with failure to appear on assault and vandalism.
   * Jackie Wayne Kitts, 53, 850 Grayson Road, Wytheville, Va., was arrested Saturday by Roan Mountain State Park Ranger Patrick Gagan, after the officer was notified that a guest in Cabin #4 had telephoned 911 twice during the evening to complain about a prowler near his cabin the previous night. Accompanied by Dale Miller, night watchman, Gagan went to Cabin 4 to offer assistance. As officers approached, they heard loud, disruptive music and saw Kitts standing on the porch ranting in a loud and uncontrolled manner. Gagan identified himself as a police officer and asked how he could help. Kitts refused to answer questions and would not talk to the officer, saying he wanted to talk to the park superintendent or the governor. He grew more agitated and belligerent and as officers started to leave, he continued to shout in a loud manner. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.
   * Melinda Joy Roll, 31, 613 Clark Drive, Elwood, Ga., was arrested Saturday by CCSD Deputy David Ryan after officers were dispatched to 2120 Gap Creek Road, regarding a female who had entered the residence and would not leave. Roll appeared intoxicated and could not get up off the couch without help. She told officers she needed a ride to Hampton and had no place to stay and no means of travel. She was charged with public intoxication.
   * Billy Lee Humphreys, 18, 2013 Sunflower, Johnson City, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Deputy Eric Buck on an attachment pro corpus.
   * Miles V. Tolley, 63, 118 Dugger St., Hampton, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Deputy Kenny Cornett after the officer responded to an automobile accident at the intersection of Church Street and U.S. Highway 19E in Hampton. Tolley was charged with second-offense DUI and violation of open container.
   * Julie Vines, 32, 124 Sheets Road, Hampton, was arrested Sunday by CCSD Deputy Eric Buck and charged with violation of probation.
   * Mitchell Charles Campbell, 31, 126 Page Ave., Johnson City, and Gary L. Mathes, 44, 120 Page Ave., were arrested Sunday by CCSD Deputy Jeff Markland and Deputy Brad Hamm after officers responded to 120 Page Ave., regarding a neighbor dispute. According to the report, Mathes kicked Campbell several times, after which Campbell pulled a knife and cut Mathes in the side. According to witnesses, Mathes stated that he was returning to his residence to get a gun and kill everyone. Both Mathes and Campbell displayed injuries. Both were charged with aggravated assault.
   * Daniel Lee Hulshof, 27, 104 Betsy Kay Road, was arrested Monday by CCSD Deputy Albert Nave following a traffic stop. Hulshof was charged with third-offense driving on revoked license and violation of financial responsibility law. He also was served a capias charging him with failure to appear with costs on worthless checks.
   * Charles Edward Campbell, 58, 336 McKeehan Ridge Road, was arrested Sunday by CCSD Deputy Brad Hamm after the officer was called to assist Carter County Rescue Squad on a medical call. According to the report, Campbell had fallen and had a laceration to his head but would not cooperate with the squad. When the officer arrived, he located Campbell in the yard of his brother's residence across the road from his residence. Campbell was very belligerent toward officers and squad members. It was found that Campbell's brother had just been to the sheriff's department to take out an order of protection against Campbell. When his brother came out to see what was going on, Campbell started to get to his feet and go after his brother. He was restrained by the officer and taken to the ground. He refused treatment by the squad and was taken into custody, charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.
   * William Herbert Repass, 46, 375 Stout Hollow Road, was arrested Friday by CCSD Deputy Brad Johnson on a capias charging him with failure to appear on a charge of burning without a permit.
   * Shannon Frontz, 19, 409 Highland Drive, Johnson City; Crystal West, 19, 409 Highland Drive, Johnson City; Brandon H. Hyder, 18, 610 Drake Road, Piney Flats, and a juvenile female were arrested Saturday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Jack Ramsey after officers responded to 104 Osborne Private Drive regarding a complaint of loud music. According to the report, there were 10 people in the apartment when officers arrived, several of whom ran into the bedroom. There also was a strong odor of marijuana as well as two 12 packs of beer and several full and partially full quart bottles of beer in plain view. All persons in the bedroom were ordered to return to the living room. Ptl. Ramsey noted that the last person he had seen enter the bedroom upon his arrival did not come out. The officer found Hyder hiding in a closet behind some clothes with an open quart bottle of beer on the floor next to where he was hiding. He was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and resisting stop, frisk and halt. Frontz was charged with criminal impersonation, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and underage consumption of alcohol. West and the female juvenile were charged with possession of Schedule VI. The juvenile also was charged with underage consumption of alcohol. Another female juvenile suspected of using marijuana was taken to CCSD and turned over to her father.
   * Carl Edward Parks, 30, 103 Forest Hills Drive, Johnson City, was arrested Saturday by EPD Ptl. Richard Haney after the officer responded to East K Street regarding a male lying on the ground next to the road. Parks was charged with public intoxication.
   * Terry L. Estep, 18, Jacks Avenue, was arrested Saturday by EPD Ptl. Tonya Scott following a traffic stop. Estep was charged with DWI, driving on suspended license and possession of Schedule VI.
   * Jorge Flores, 20, 302 S. Sycamore St., and Juan Jose Ramirez, 22, 153 Roan St., Johnson City, were arrested Sunday by EPD Ptl. Jack Ramsey following a traffic stop. Flores was charged with underage consumption of alcohol. Ramirez was charged with purchase of alcohol for a minor.
   * Willie Moffitt, 44, 430 Beasley St., and Thurman C. Lewis, 56, same address, were arrested Sunday by EPD Ptl. Richard Haney after the officer observed two male subjects running across the road from Salvage Merchandise, 411 Doe Ave., carrying two white plastic lawn chairs. Both men stopped when they saw the officer. When Ptl. Haney existed his vehicle, both men dropped the chairs and took off running. The officer yelled, "Stop, police!," but both men continued running with the officer in pursuit. Moffitt was apprehended after a brief pursuit and Lewis was taken into custody a short time later at his residence. He told the officer he had been in bed for more than an hour, however, according to the report, he still had indentations in his nose from wearing his glasses and his sneakers were wet, with wet grass on them, from crossing a small field. Moffitt said Lewis talked him into stealing the chairs. Both men were charged with theft under $500 and evading arrest.

   * CCSD Deputy Laverne Julian was dispatched Thursday to Patton Simmons Cemetery off Toll Branch Road regarding a truck which had been parked there for several days. The officer located a gray Chevrolet pickup with Unicoi tags, that was unattended. The bed of the truck was full of garbage and the gas lid was open to the port, with a portion of burned material lying on the ground below it. The side of the truck under the gas port also was burned. According to the report, it was obvious that someone had attempted to burn the truck but was unsuccessful. After running a check on the tag, it was found that the truck had been reported stolen from Unicoi. The investigation is continuing.

   * Greg Kelly, 36, 1400 Forest Drive, Chipley, Fla., reported Saturday to CCSD Deputy Johnny Miller that he was traveling through the Roan Mountain area on his bicycle and had stopped by the side of the road to make coffee when two subjects in a faded red Honda with black bumpers, pulled up and took his backpack, then headed toward Elizabethton. Kelly advised the backpack contained bank papers, his birth certificate and other items.