March 12, 2002


   * Jonathan Edward Huskins, 19, 317 Bear Branch Road, and James Phillip Winters, 36, 154 Morgan Branch Road, both of Roan Mountain, were arrested Sunday by Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Kenny Cornett following a traffic stop. According to the report, the officer attempted to pass a blue Buick traveling south on U.S. Highway 19E when the driver accelerated, as though to keep the officer from passing. When the driver, Huskins, saw the officer's cruiser, he hit the brakes and the car did a nose dive. The officer pulled in behind Huskins' vehicle as it pulled into a driveway. Huskins was charged with driving without a license. Winters, who had a strong odor of alcohol about him, admitted to having consumed 12 beers and was charged with public intoxication.
   * Joshua Dean Clawson, 18, 35 Clawson Hollow, Elk Park, N.C., was arrested Friday by CCSD Sgt. Wendell Treadway and extradited to Tennessee from Caldwell County Jail in Lenoir, N.C. Clawson was charged with fleeing to avoid apprehension, two counts of felony reckless endangerment, felony evading arrest, no driver's license, driving an unregistered vehicle and violation of financial responsibility law.
   * Robert James Johnson, 30, 247 Bear Branch Road, Roan Mountain, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Deputy Brad Johnson and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication.
   * Tim Lane Shell, 42, 216 Willow St., Roan Mountain, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Sgt. Tim Lowe on a warrant charging him with assault under domestic violence. He also was served an outstanding order of protection.
   * Norman Lynn Parlier, 20, 837 S. Elm St., Erwin, was arrested Sunday by CCSD Deputies Eric Buck and Jim Whaley and charged with violation of probation and failure to serve jail time on violation of probation.
   * Chadwick Lee Rambo, 22, 214 Richardson Hollow Road, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy following a traffic stop. According to the report, Rambo refused to yield to the officer's cruiser as he was running emergency traffic on a two-lane section of Highway 91. When the road widened into four lanes, the officer pulled beside the vehicle and motioned the driver over, while another officer responded to the emergency call. Rambo said he didn't pull over because his license was revoked and he was afraid to stop. He was charged with second-offense driving on revoked license, failure to yield to emergency vehicle and violation of registration.
   * Bryan Alan Boyd, 45, 92-1/2 Southwest Ave., Johnson City, was arrested Saturday by CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy after the officer responded to 325 One Boot Hill Road regarding a fight call. Boyd was charged with assault.
   * William Jacob Miller, 28, 127 Fiddlehead Lane, Hampton, was arrested Friday by CCSD Deputy Brad Johnson after the officer discovered a vehicle which had ran off the roadway in the Ripshin Community. Fresh tracks indicated the vehicle had hit the ditch and then backed out, dragging debris onto the road. The officer continued on patrol and located the vehicle parked in the roadway at Maj. Nelson Cemetery Road, where the driver, Miller, was changing a front tire. He appeared intoxicated and was charged with DUI. He later submitted to an Intoximeter test, resulting in a blood alcohol content of .22 percent, or more than twice the legal limit for intoxication.
   * Joshua Dean Meadows, 18, 1226 Bristol Hwy., Apt. #1, was arrested Sunday by Elizabethton Police Department Capt. Rusty Verran on an attachment pro corpus (failure to pay probation fees).
   * David Mack Whaley, 35, 149 Little Stoney Road, was arrested Saturday by EPD Ptl. Jason McCall following a traffic stop on Bluefield Avenue. Whaley was charged with speeding and second-offense driving on revoked license.
   * David Ray Mitchell, 21, 134 Arwood Hill Road, Hampton, was arrested Friday by EPD Ptl. Jason McCall after the officer responded to an assault call at 1271 Bluefield Ave., Lynnwood Apt. A-5. Mitchell was charged with two counts of assault and burglary after he allegedly broke into the home of his ex-wife and assaulted her and a friend.
   * Jeremy Lynn Killen, 21, 807 Maple St., was arrested Friday by EPD Ptl. Shannon Peters following an automobile accident on Beech Street. According to the report, Killen was charged with driving on revoked license. Jennifer Beth Rosenbaum, 20, same address, was issued a summons for making a false report after repeatedly claiming to officers that she was the one driving the vehicle at the time of accident. Her claim was disputed by three witnesses at the scene.


   * Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Jennifer Mayberry responded around 6:45 a.m. Saturday to Blimpie, 2404 W. Elk Ave., after being advised that a vehicle had pulled away from the pumps with the hose still in it. As the driver began to drive away, the gas pump was pulled from the concrete, causing a small amount of gas to spill on the pavement. The fire department was called to the scene, the pump uprighted, and the spill cleaned up.


   * EPD Sgt. Brian Fraley responded Saturday to Burgie Drug Store, 1000 W. G St., regarding a burglar alarm. Capt. Rusty Verran, Ptl. Joey Proffitt and Ptl. Jason McCall also responded, arriving at the same time. According to the report, officers found the drive-thru window had been broken by a cinderblock, which was found inside the pharmacy about 8 to 10 feet from the window. The cinderblock created a hole about 15 inches wide by 24 inches long. No blood or torn clothing was found around the window. Larry Proffit, owner of the pharmacy, arrived and escorted officers inside, where several bottles of prescription drugs were found lying on the floor of the storage area in the pharmacy. Proffitt conducted a brief visual inventory and concluded no drugs were taken. Loritab, Diazepam and other regularly popular drugs were left undisturbed. Proffitt advised all Schedule II drugs were locked away.


   * Timothy Yates, 34, 130 Pansy Drive, reported Friday to CCSD Deputy Penny Cornett that he was asleep in bed when he was advised of a fire in the back yard of his residence. According to the report, the rear deck appeared to have been set afire.

Animal deaths

   * Deobrah Hughes, 242 Greenlee Road, Johnson City, reported Friday to CCSD Sgt. Penny Cornett that her black lab-mix dog had died from antifreeze poisoning and that at least four other animals in the neighborhood had died from the same thing. Brent Billheimer, 36, 161 Greenlee Road, said he had a golden retriever and a black lab die around Thanksgiving. The animals were tested and it was determined they died from poisoning. Robert Sawyer, 258 Greenlee Road, also had a black lab die last Tuesday from poisoning. Neighbors believe someone is killing their animals.
   * Denise Ensor, 267 Bill Nave Loop, reported Sunday to CCSD Sgt. Tim Lowe that she let her yellow Chow-mix dog, Maxx, out of the house around midnight and when he returned at 7 a.m., he appeared to have a gunshot wound to his side. Maxx died shortly after returning home.